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Updates, Deals and Spoilers

January 14, 2010

  Hellatus is almost over for many shows, or over for good in Dollhouse’s case. 😦 But the nice thing about this time of year is all the up coming SPOILERS that are being released.

  •  Josh Schwartz (@JoshSchwartz76) was tweeting Gossip Girl teasers which make me ALMOST want to look forward to it’s return on March 8th. But not really.
  •  BuddyTv’s been sharing some interesting The Vampire Diaries spoilers which returns next Thursday the 21st along with Supernatural which I won’t be watching just yet as I’m still waiting to get my hands on the season 2 dvds-hopefully they’ll be here soonish.
  •  Dollhouse has me on edge and desperate for spoilers but those are being kept pretty secretive after the whole Twilight-Gate incident which I’ll spare you from incase you don’t want to know who Twilight is until you read the comics.

  In happy news it’s been confirmed that there’s going to be another Nikki Heat book for Castle fans to read. As of now it’s still untitled but if it’s anything like ‘Heat Wave’ I’ll enjoy it.

  •  Ghostbusters III has a director and a script that’s being revised so casting news should be coming soonish.
  •  And Things From Another World is having a HUGE sale today lots of Buffy goodness on sale along with Fallen Angel, Serenity, Angel, more Star Wars then even the most dedicated fan can handle, most everything Whedon and then some is 10% off to 40% off. Just look under the Nick & Dent area for a full list. If I wasn’t broke I’d take advantage of it but I am so maybe some one will buy it all for my birthday before it all goes back to regular price. Which probably isn’t going to happen as my birthday isn’t until the end of April. But one can hope.

  And one last piece of news before I continue to try to make this blog as awesome as it can be is that  ‘Romanticly Challenged’ Alyssa Milano’s new comedy starts filming on the 22nd and has a unconffirmed air date of March. Right now it only has a 7 episode pick up but who knows what the future will bring.

 No news yet on the Charmed comic book that’s been confirmed for a summer release but it will all come in time.

  Your scoops, comments, corrections and concerns are always welcome.


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