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Weekly TV Schedule

January 18, 2010

Today’s just another Manic Monday for me but what about you? If not then there’s lots on tonight for you to watch if you have the time…

The Big Bang Theory- New and always good for a laugh. I will be Tivo-ing and watching it sometime this week.

Castle- New and rumar has it (got this from a friend who’s watching it as I’m waiting for it on DVD) that more on Becket’s mother’s murdeer will be reveled. Yes! Watch if you can and tell me how it is.

Chuck- Should still be new but I’m still working on season 2 so easy on the spoilers people but if you love nerds then I’ll always recomend it.

Gossip Girl- Rerun. Don’t bother unless nothing else is on. Seriously. Even then isn’t there ANYTHING else you can watch?

Hom I Met Your Mother- Waiting for it on DVD so not sure if new or not, should be but I did see last week’s and while excillent for a normal ep as a 100th ep musical special it was disapointing.

As for the rest of the week? What’s on that I’ll be watching? Let’s take a look shall we?

Tuesday- Nada unless Supernatural season 2 is waiting for me at the library in which case I will be watching that.

Wednesday- See Tuesday

Thursday- The Vampire Diaries is all new! Will Tivo because my dad and I can’t watch it together because that’s just weird. So he watches live and I watch on Tivo and explain everything to him because he’s always lost.
Bones- I might end up watching this new ep at my friend’s house even thou I still haven’t started season 2 but it’s on my list.
Supernatural- Hellatus is over! But I’m still waiting for season 2 so will not be watching. 😦 No spoilers please.

Friday- Caprica priemires and I think I’ll Tivo just for something to watch. Wish the final episode of something else was on.

Saturday- See Tuesday and anything that aired earlier in week that I missed.

Sunday- See Saturday

So that’s this week’s tv schedule, did I miss anything?

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