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Two Score and Nine Years Ago…A Hero Was Born

January 19, 2010

29 years ago a girl named Buffy Anne Summers was born. That girl would grow up to be a hero and save the world. A lot.
From 1998-2003 every episode of Joss Whedon’s cult classic tv show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ (1997-2003) aired on or around Jan. 19 celabrated Buffy’s birthday. Some were good and some were bad, some were funny and some made us cry, some we loved and some we hated but our devotion never ended so celabrate today by watching your favorite Buffy birthday episode or Buffy in general on MTV and LOGO who’re now airing reruns. (Check you’re local listings for times)
It is kind of a miricle Buffy lived to see her 29th birthday. In the season 1 final she died only to be revived a few minutes later (June 2nd, 1997) she died again to save the world in the 100th episode and season 5 final May 22nd, 2001-this episode also marked the show’s last episode on the WB, she wasn’t revived again until the show’s season 6 opener on October 2nd which also marked the show’s debute on UPN.
Frankly I find it a miricle that she didn’t die in the final episode but that’s too depressing even for Joss don’t you think?

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