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The Week in Tv-WTF’s, Huh’s and What’s Next

January 24, 2010

  So my TV schedule didn’t go the way I thought it would which is good because they were all good surprises more or less. I still haven’t gotten my hands on Supernatural Season 2 but I got my hands on Chuck Season 2 instead which is just as good. I tivo’ed Life Unexpected at the last-minute and loved it, watched Caprica and got hooked and why don’t I just some it all up better by show?   


Life Unexpected   



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Tivo’ed on a whim it was 100% worth it. The show centers on Lux, an almost 16-year-old girl who wants to be emancipated so she can live a better life. But she has to get her parent’s signatures and after meeting the dad who didn’t know she existed, found out her mother is her favorite radio co-host who’d thought her daughter had been adopted and living a happy life, Lux’s parents get to try to be good parents and realize that hey, it’s time to grow up. It was smart, cute and funny and all the characters seem very likeable. It premiered with numbers better than Gossip Girl season 1 and spoilers for the show’s finale have already begone to flout around. *Hint, Hint, it’s about Cate’s marriage* If you missed the pilot you can watch at The CW’s  website or download it for free off itunes and show it to all your friends on your new itouch via this link-   

 The Big Bang Theory      


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    Most certainly one of the funniest episodes of the season. Lenard and Sheldon get robbed and Sheldon doesn’t take it very well. In fact he takes it so badly he decides to move. But not to Nebraska because that’s where Penny’s from. I loved the description of what was taken from the apartment, that was comedy gold. The poor cop.     



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I’m actually almost done with Chuck season 2 and it is excellent. I love it. Chuck versus the Cougars really stands out as does John Casey (Adam Baldwin) hitting a high note which I didn’t know he could do. Chuck’s had is intersect updated, Fulcrum is more of a threat than ever and Chuck and Sarah are ‘ALMOST’ a real couple. A most excellent beginning and middle and I’m sure the end will be just as good.   


The Vampire Diaries





The show’s return from hiatus was not a disappointment. While I wasn’t sold on Damon at first he is fast becoming my favorite character on the show. Gina Torres guest stared and was wonderful, a real gem as always. Jeremy’s character is shaping up nicely and his friendship with Anna promises to be interesting. (FYI CW not all homeschooled girls spend all day learning things. Some of us sit in front of the tv for to many hours every day.) Next week’s ep promises to be good as well so stay tuned for more on that.   





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I haven’t finished Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica but it’s prequel Caprica promises not to spoil and in the two hour premire it didn’t. But now I’m not sure who to blame for the ending of the world in BSG. Do we blame the cylons? Dr.Greystone? His daughter Zoe? And James Marsters is on his way. YEAH! It’ll be interesting to watch these two shows side by side but in a good way. The only thing that weirds me out is that Zoe Greystone looks a lot like a friend I work with. But they don’t act alike which is probably a good thing. Get the first 1/2 of the pilot on itunes free here-   


Some other points of interest-     


 Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl’s band The Pretty Reckless or the Reckless are actually pretty good. Youtube them. I insist. Unless you hated Courtney Love’s band Hole in which case don’t because they remind me of them.    


Nathan Fillion but more specifically Whedonesque scared the crap out of me by saying a Serenity sequel is in the works. apparently Nathan was joking and they have apologized for the Twitter scare.    has psycho analyzed the Winchester boys and I agree with them. It all comes down to their daddy issues. Mainly Sam’s but Dean has some to. Here’s the linkage because you know you want to read them. A Psychological Profile of Sam Winchester &  A Psychological Evaluation of Dean Winchester    


And because I know you love free stuff and How I Met Your Mother here’s a little link to a little thing called ‘Nothing Suits Me Like A Suite’ and it’s free!-    


And that’s more or less the week in tv. If you think I missed anything or would like to add something let me know in the comments.    


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