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So there’s this guy and he’s doing a Cartoon Network movie…

January 26, 2010

All the decent news in the world gets broken on Twitter for example Weird Al is writing/directing/making an apperance in a new live action movie for Cartoon Network.

It’s my understanding that the movie will feature characters at about high school age (which isn’t really all that exciting people) and is NOT a sequel to his previous movie UHF which you should watch just for the one bit where he’s totally making fun of Jerry Springer. The script is in it’s third revision so it could come out late next year if he’s not busy which he is so don’t go marking your calendars just yet.

He’s only just been told he can start talking about it which is always a good sign because it means the network wants to start building up popularity which is good because that means they’re 99.9% certain they’re going to go threw with this movie.

Now join me as we quietly wait for him to share more details with us via Twitter and his very own wordpress blog. Linkage to his blog located on the right below the Star Trek reference.

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