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Mid-week tv schedule

January 27, 2010

So how’s it going with comedy’s like The Big Bang Theory and the newly renewed How I Met Your Mother in reruns? Don’t worry, next week is coming up fast. But let’s recap the week so far.

Monday-Life Unexpected was new but I’m waiting for tonight’s rerun because apparently my TiVo has other things it needs to record on Monday nights?

Chuck was new but I still have to watch the last 4 eps of season 2 before I get caught up on this season.

Castle was new but I’m waiting for it on DVD. Nothing to big must have happened because I haven’t heard anything threw the grapevine.

Tuesday- I don’t watch anything.

Now in upcoming tv…

Tonight- Gossip Girl reruns are on Wednesday now to make room for Life Unexpected along with The Vampire Diaries so if you missed TVD’s return form Hellatous you MUST tune in as a special Firefly actress was present and did wonderful as usual. Pretend GG doesn’t exist for another 6 weeks then we’ll see if we should even bother with the last couple of episodes.

Thursday- All new The Vampire Diaries in which they go 50’s and Matt and Caroline are back on screen. Yay! I missed them last week.
Followed by a new episode of

Supernatural. Which I will not be watching saddly. 😦 But thankfully TNT will begin playing season 2 this time next week which makes me VERY happy.

Pretty sure there’s also a new Bones but don’t qoute me on that.

Friday- Epitaph Two: Return the final episode of Dollhouse is on an hour earlier so tune in and let’s send it off with a bang without spoiling it for our British peeps who don’t get it till March.

Then you have Caprica which promises to be good, no, great. It’s just an hour long this week but what’s it matter if we have another, what 10 episodes to look forward to at least? I’ll have to check.

And that’s all I have to say on this week’s tv.

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