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Close encounters of a Whedon kind

January 29, 2010

While there are things I should be blogging about I just had to share this true story with you.

So instead of staying home to watch the finale of Dollhouse like I should have I ended up going to the mall because I had coupons for the bookstore I had to spend. This story has a point I promise. So after finding some nice stuff in the bargin bin-including one of my fave books in hardcover for $3.99 I stood in line at the check out counter and noticed two things.

Thing A: Hey that guy at the check out counter looks like Joss Whedon.
Thing B: Hey they don’t have the comic book rack out anymore. (It’s a very small bookstore so I notice these things.)

Naturally I have to see if they moved the comic books in with the trashy magazines, which they did. Of course I can’t resist checking to see if they have any Buffy in stock, nevermind that I’m very behind in season 8 I just have to check. And what should I see but a nice bunch of Willow one shots just beging me to take them home.

So I grabbed one and got back in line and got the Joss Whedon look alike guy. He sees the naked Willow comic (lol) and asks if I watch Dollhouse. Seriously he looked like Joss and knew Joss’s work!
Turns out he hadn’t watched past the first ep but was bummed that Fox had canceled another Joss show. Hope that Joss would work with FX was thrown about, Eliza’s Tru Calling contract being to blame for going back to Fox, and I think I convinced him to put Dollhouse in his Netflix que so he can spend a weekend watching it next time he’s sick because it really did get good before it got killed.

All in all it was an awsome moment even without the awsome stuff I scored. I hope he’s there next time I have coupons I have to spend because I’ve never met a fellow Whedon addict in the flesh before. Any of you readers have an awsome Whedon type moment you’d like to share in the comment section?

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  1. January 31, 2010 8:16 pm

    Since I’ve been to Slay-A-Thon a few times, I have met some other fans. My favorites were Shiai of, Alyrenee of Undead America, and a girl named Whitney who has a friend who plays WhedonTrivia. She texted him to tell him that she was sitting on the floor next to me and he replied with trivia questions to test me. It was an uplifting moment for me, LOL. It’s fun to be recognized every so often.

    • January 31, 2010 9:28 pm

      That’s awsome. If I ever make it to a Slayathon I’m totally going to look for you there.

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