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Dollhouse finale, who lived, what made it awsome and what made me cry

January 31, 2010

So I finally got around to watching the final episode of Dollhouse and wow head is still not back on straight and my face is all red from the tears. My dad walked in on me crying over the last few minutes thinking something was wrong and I realized that it’s impossible to explain to someone why we (the fans) care about something and what makes that something so beautiful when that person had already given up on that show after the first episode.

Because to me Dollhouse was/is more then just a show to me. It’s a way of belonging to something bigger. Joss Whedon has had a legion of loyal and dedicated fans for 12 years now. Yes he gets more and more fans every year but for us new fans we feel left out sometimes. We can’t go on message boards or Twitter all excited about finding Firefly for the first time without feeling like we’re repeating old news to dedicated fans. But Dollhouse was different. With Dollhouse fans new and old could sit online for hours if they wanted discussing every detail of the latest episode and not having to worry about someone telling them how the series ended because nobody knew. Dollhouse brought the fans closer together in such a way that it’ll be hard to ever do it again. And it was our baby that show, we saved it so it could convince us that we did the right thing by staying with it.

Now on with the ending. This is the last spoiler free section of this post FYI.

It would be stupid of me to try to recap Epitaph Two: Return so I’ll summurize and highlight for you.

2020 AD, not an awsome year let me tell you so not looking forward to it but whatever. It took Mini Caroline and crew a year to find Echo and Safe Haven which confuses me but I guess if you factor in being on the run, hunting for food, trying to stay alive I guess it could take a year.

I don’t understand how exactly the tech got out of control or how Topher got captured by Rosum but I’m willing to go with it for the sake of the story. Pryia and Victor have a son that I totally knew they would have but Victor is kind of not allowed to be a parent due to his tech addiction which is probably what pushed them apart in Epitaph One. Echo and Paul aren’t together ether but Paul wants to be so there was hope. Jed Whedon makes an appearence in the Safe Haven home but Maurissa is in the ep far more. (She has real actual lines this time!)

Now that the crew is as together as it’s gonna be they head back to the Dollhouse only to lose Paul to a shot in the head and discover that Alpha has turned the place into a blank state holding zone. (Anyone else wondering just what went down in Reno between Alpha and the gang? And what happened to Whiskey?) Topher the adorable childlike and insane genious finishes the finishing touches on the piece of tech that could save the world after watching a video of Bennet for reference. Adelle’s mothering is in full swing before she even knows Topher plans on sacrificing himself in order to save the world.

Now for some tear jerking moments. Echo has a heart to heart with Priya over Victor’s tech addiction that turns into her venting her grief and regret over Paul that convinces Priya to let Victor be a part of his son’s life. Alpha decides to return to his real self but leaves Echo a parting gift in the chair. Adelle goes to the surface in order to help the newly restored deal with the aftermath as Topher sacrifices himself to save the world. (He could have made it! If he would have run instead of lagging behind and looking at the photos he could have made it to the elavator shaft and survived! In theory.) The rest of the gang is stuck underground for a year or so in order to retain their memories of their past and each other. In the final moments Echo finds the wedge Alpha left her and uploads it into her system. And that’s when the tears got real bad. Because in that wedge was Paul, and she finally let him in and now she can be with him forever. Our two favorite couples coming together in a Joss finale? Next project has everybody dead or evil at the end in compensation I gaurante it.

It was truely the most beautiful and satisfying conclusion in Whedon history. Yes it was also the saddest but I laughed and I cried and fell in love with the characters all over again so it was most defidently worth it 100%. If it doesn’t go down in history as Joss Whedon’s finest hour he must have something pretty damn awsome up his sleeve. What’s that? It’s called The Cabin in the Woods? Sorry haven’t seen that yet, I’ll have to make note of it.


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