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All about K*Bell eveyone’s fave romantic/comedy actrees

February 1, 2010

This post is all about the wonderful Kristen Bell star of the cult classic tv show Veronica Mars. If you haven’t seen it and/or have no idea who ether Kristen or Veronica are then you need help immediatly. Netflix help. Seriously, the little Netflix title suggester will thank you.

It was annonced yesterday that Kristen Bell and long time boyfriend Dax Shepard got engaged over the holidays. Yea for you! But could this affect her avalibility for a possible Veronica Mars movie or would she put her wedding on hold in order to do it? Would we want her to? If we do, does that make us bad people/fans?

In keeping with the happy theme Couples Retreat comes out on DVD next week! Feb 9th to be exact. It’s already at the top of my Netflix que because I didn’t get the chance to see it in theaters back in October but a friend of mine did and she said it was good and really funny. And she is a pretty reliable person when it comes to movies because she sees so many of them so I trust her judgement. (Plus it’s Kristen Bell so how can you not love it?) Here’s a copy and paste link if you want to preorder the DVD, sorry that’s all my itouch will let me do-

Speaking of Kristen Bell movies that are in theaters When In Rome opened on Friday and is getting some nice reveiws. If the numbers go up and the reveiws stay positive it will up our chances of getting Warner Brothers to green light Veronica Mars: The Movie. (This is not an official title I made it up but it could work as the title.) I really want to see this movie but I’m saddly not sure when I’ll be able to but you bet your life it’ll be at the top of my Netflix que in a matter of months.

Her next movie You Again hits the big screen September 24th followed by Burlesque two months later on November 24th. (Both feature a pretty awsome cast besides Kristen.) While we’re not sure what she’s doing after that I hope it’s portraying the big screen adaption of Lizzie Nicholas the main character of best selling author Meg Cabot’s Queen of Babble series which has yet to be confirmed. (The role was originaly going to go to Lauren Conrad but really, Kristen versues Lauren? No way dudes Kristen hands down.)

You can follow Kristen on Twitter, her account is a confirmed one and if it’s not IMKristenBell it’s an imposter. Or you can type her into the Netflix search engine and see what comes up. (Fun Fact! She’s the voice of Gossip Girl!) She’s been in lots of fun stuff (Like a certain Star Wars obsessed film that’s one of my all time favorite movies.) But I’ll let you figure it out for yourself. Enjoy.

In the mean time if Veronica Mars: The Movie got the green light what would you want to happen in it?

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