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Only Joss can have this many naked women in a comic and have it be rated PG13

February 1, 2010

This here is a reveiw of Joss Whedon’s Willow one shot which takes place prior to season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s a stand alone comic if you don’t know what a one shot is meaning it’s like a short story and while it answers some questions about what Willow was up to prior to her reunion with Buffy and the gang in issue 2 of season 8 it doesn’t answer all of them. But it was good anyway.

We open on Willow in over her head at what is but isn’t Platform 9 3/4 and no that’s not REALY Harry Potter, it’s acually a guy who looks like him. (Acually I know I guy who does resemble Harry Potter but that’s a different story.) Willow is about to take a journey to learn about her new goddess powers (See ‘Chosen’ the final ep of Buffy for more info on that.) because power is the opposite of knowledge and Willow just loves her knowledge. She leaves Kennedy in charge of their potentials which I don’t think was very smart as she was planning on making a ‘fat’ girl work her butt off. But she and Willow are in love and she was sad to see her go.

So Willow’s journey involves the green serpent god we see Willow with in the Time of Your Life arch who’s name is actually Aluwyn the trickster. There’s lots of talk in 80’s song titles and a battle between Williw and a giant black knight followed by some cliches that bring us to a giant page full of naked godesses. (Seriously there’s lots of naked chicks in this but it’s kept fairly clean.) There’s a surprise guest star in the next page but I won’t spoil it for you because it’s very special. Think Cordy’s first apperance in Angel season 6.

So now Williow’s true intentions have been unmasked and Willow has to pick her guide so she can complete her journey. We see that Aluwyn has a whole team backing her up that includes the black kninght and she wishes to ally herself with Willow who’s ‘the most powerful witch of her time’ for reasons unknown. Of course Willow picks her as her guide. Aluwyn seems to be very drawn to the naked Willow and their partnership is formed.

The End.

While if doesn’t explain everything between Willow and Aluwyn very well it gives us an idea. Kennedy’s momentary death is still unexplained but I think it happens after Willow gets back from her journey. All in all I greatly enjoyed it and the art work was really well done. I wish there was another one in the works or maybe a Xander one shot but I’m happy with what I have. So good job guys it was cool to see the Fray team reunited again and here’s to a wonderful bit of team work.

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