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In Loving Memory of the Dollhouse…

February 13, 2010

Photo source


On this day, one year ago, Feb 13th, 2009 Dollhouse premiered on Fox at 8 o’clock. Yes it was Friday the 13th, yes it actually had TWO episodes aired on Friday the 13th’s but that didn’t stop us from loving it. So in memory of Dollhouse’s one year anniversary I present to you every awsome Dollhouse fan vid worth watching. I tried to find a wide variety of different themes, music, and character focus but when it’s awesome it’s awesome and you just have to post it. But if I missed a majorly cool one feel free to link it in the comment section, especially if it’s an Ivy one as I’m having difficulties finding one. Enjoy. *Thank God I started doing this last week or it would not have been possible as I have had one hell of a week. Just saying. 

(Video source Buffyfest Bloggers and features bits and pieces from Eliza’s two movies The Alphabet Killer and Open Graves the later being one I’ve seen and therefor reccomend. It’s coming out on DVD soon too.) 

(Video Source Fox Broadcasting. The official music video for the Dollhouse theme song.) 

(Made by youtube user-Chamalla01 One of my fave fan vids.) 

(Made by youtube user-kayobsessive My fave because I’ve loved Topher from day one.) 

(Warning might make you cry. Give it an extra minute or two to load because it’s totally worth it. Good job JossSanders

(This one is just adorable and has one of my fave Topher quotes in it. I use it often. For realsies. Nice job aPASSINGthought

(Perfection by misformazing24

(I just love Britney Spears music. Made by ActiveFJM) 

(Another series finale gem made by misformazing24

(This one is very cool and the song will be stuck in your head all day long. Made by DarkTory1000

(Excellent vid made by Marangell

(Can’t have a video tribute post without having Alpha in the spotlight. Made by Asmothesly

(A dark video focusing on the sad relationships on Dollhouse. Beautiful work ActiveFJM

(Topher’s insane ramblings become the basis for this video great idea helloimthedoc

I’m not the only one who loves a good fan vid, Miracle Laurie tweeted these beauties a few weeks ago. 

(made by elieeB) 

(Made by wronghalo

(Can’t have a tribute without using a Jed and Maurisa song. Made by followthextreme

(Another fun vid with lots of action by ForeverCharmedBuffy who has the coolest name ever!) 

(And everybody needs a big dose of this every once in a while. Posted by ChildeAtHeart17

(A truly original song by a very dedicated fan. awesome job live2tivo

Because I can’t get the BAM videos to transfer here’s the Link to 2 really awesome videos posted on Buffyfest Bloggers website-

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  1. February 14, 2010 4:23 pm

    Thanks for posting my song! Also, that Code Monkey fanvid never stops being awesome. Great selection of vids! ♥

    • February 15, 2010 9:24 am

      You’re very welcome. I don’t have a YouTube account so I wasn’t sure how to tell everyone I was posting their stuff but I’m glad you did! It’s an awesome song btw.

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