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V is for, Very much a Geek

February 14, 2010

♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Days ♥♥♥ 

The only image fit fot a geeky Valentine's Day. Found on Twitter via @JassonIssacs


I totally didn’t think about doing a Valentine’s day blog till today and thankfully I have computer access today or this would’ve ended up being a really lame post. I choose not to celebrate this holiday and I would choose not to even if I had a significent other as it is kind of lame, but I won’t go into that because this post is all about how to celebrate Geek style! 


I love quizes. especially personality ones. And these are all Tv personality quiz from BuddyTv ( I recommend starting here and then finding some of your own. (All images below are from 

 Single for Valentine’s day? Find out who your ideal TV boyfriend is: Or Girlfriend 

I got 

Photo Source BuddyTv

 I know you’re all so jealous! Get over it. Today is the day when you learn to get over EVERYTHING! 

Who is your vampire soul mate? 

I got 


And now the ‘this will ether make or break my day’ quiz. Are you compatible with the Supernatural boys? 

I got 



My day is ruined. I’m more Team Sam then Team Dean but still, we’re not soul mates? 😥 And I love ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me! And Yes the younger Winchester is for me. He just doesn’t know it yet.
Watch Tv/Movies all day long, then blog about it!
 My Suck It, Valentine’s Day ‘Buffy’ marathon episode list.  I found this via Heroine_TV and am wishing I could watch all of these! But I can’t because I have to go to work. But you can watch 3 of the listed episodes and more at Hulu via this link-


For the romantically challenged ~ Valentine’s day movie guide: There’s something for everyone on this short list but think of it as a place to start.
You also HAVE to watch this episode of The Big Bang Theory! This is only part 1 of 4 but SO worth it!


I also love reading blogs and interesting articles that discuss my favorite tv shows so for your entertainment, 


Do I post love songs or anti love songs? How about a little of each? 






Made by AngelCakesAshley 


Posted by wwexp 


Made by BALover4ever

Cards, the Geek way! 

If someone sent me a Chuck e-card I would TOTALLY be their Valentine. 

Have a very Geeky V-day all! Go be proud & happy Geeks! 


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  1. February 18, 2010 2:34 pm

    Fun post. I love the photo of Faith drawing the heart on the window. Perfect choice.

    • February 18, 2010 7:02 pm

      The only geek photo fit for valentines day!

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