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Ratings confuse me…

February 22, 2010

So I was reading an article on Sci Fi Wire the other day that got me thinking, about ratings and networks and stuff only a geek would think about. The article in question was a look at favorite sci fi/fantasy shows and their odds of renewal. It included the shows current average rating and the percentage of renewel likelyness was based on the shows rateings, general opinion of the show by fans-it’s been good creativly, it’s really sucked this year, that stuff, and of course the network in question.

Why does the network play a part in this you ask? Because some networks, like Fox aren’t happy with shows that bring in less then 3 million veiwers on a Friday night. (Dollhouse while starting out with 5 million when it first preimered-which is good for a Friday night-ended with 2.0 million if you round it off when the finale aired.) Other networks like The CW are HAPPY with roughly 2 million veiwers on Friday night which means Smallville is in the likely to be renewed catagory while Dollhouse was always in the ‘we’re going to get canceled any day now’ catagory. Another 2 million veiwer show Dexter on HBO actually broke a rateings record with a 2.5 million rating. HBO was happy with this while Fox was all ‘only’ 2 million veiwers?

But what about higher rated shows? Chuck is doing well with over 6 million veiwers and is in the likely to be renewed catagory this year. It’s actually one of the networks highest rated Monday night shows.

I just thought I’d point this out and remind everyone to stay loyal to their shows because WE’RE the ones who have a say in whether or not a show gets renewed, granted it’s a small role but if no one watches then it’s not going to get renewed. Same could be said if ratings start to slip. There’s power in that remote young Jedi, use it. And if you don’t watch live TiVo is starting to be added into a shows rating as is Hulu and the veiws on the network’s website. So go out there and watch some tv people.

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