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Be there or be slayed!!

February 25, 2010

Do you love Buffy? Do you love Angel? Do you love Joss in general? Of course you do that’s why you read this blog! Now for the most important questions of all…

Do you wish you could save people the way Joss’s hero’s do? If your love of Bangel/Joss could help a child in need would you do it? Would you give up one day of your life and some cash and maybe some of your friend’s and family’s cash (With permission of course, let’s not being doing anything that could get us into trouble here.) if it would help a child in need? Would you sacrifice it all for someone you’ve never met and probably never will meet? Someone who might not even be able to say thank you? Could you do that?
If you said yes to any of those questions then you’re ready for the most important question of all…

Will you be at Slay-A-Thon 2010?

This year’s Slay-A-Thon is being held in Chicago on Saturday, June 19th. There will be trivia by Twitter’s own Tim Cox runner of @WhedonTrivia, episodes to watch, fellow fans to meet and mingle with, basically a nice fan get together that will help save the word. All proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish foundation which is dedicated to making kid’s dreams come true.

How can I help? I’m just a fan, not a super hero.
You can help by donating, asking friends to donate, doing anything you can to find money to give. Remember you don’t even have to BE in Chicago, you can donate online via PayPal if you can’t make it.

Is that really ALL I can do?
No! You can help spread the world any way you can! Post links & memos any place you think a fellow fan might see it. Remember you don’t have to be able to attend Slay-A-Thon in order to help make a dream come true.

Will you be there?
As of this very minute I’m not sure-I JUST got ahold of this information-which is another reason why I’m spreading the word! I want to go but I have parents who have to approve the trip.

Do I have to give/donate a lot of money?
No again! Every little bit counts but be reasonable, you can probably give up more then $5. But if you really think that’s all you can give then by all means give it!

Where do I find out more?
Go to there you can donate, sign up, read about it, print flyers to post around town and even grab some banners and badges for your website, blog, heck change your profile pic if you want that’s what I’m doing as soon as I get ahold of a computer.

Are you ready to be strong? Ready to take down a dragon? Then go my fellow fans, go help save the world.

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