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I have no comment/rant

February 27, 2010

Well word on the street is that today the uber hot, desireable, funny and a billion other great adjectives Jared Padalecki is now married. From here on out his wife shall be known as ‘that woman’. I seriously have no comment at all on this.

I refuse to be negative about anything right now because I’m counter balancing a bad coustumer service incident in which the customer complained about me then came back to me and told me I was rude even though I was just over whelmed with people and was trying to help him but aparently that wasn’t good enough so I refuse to add to the negativity that is abundent in this world. Okay rant over.

While it’ll be weird-at least for me-to be in love with him and his character, Sam Winchester, now that he’s married we should take comfort that he’s found a woman who makes him happy and wants to be with him unlike his previous fiancé (again no comment but only because I feel I don’t know enough about that one to make one.) The wedding did come up kind of fast but who knows how long they kept their engagement a secret. Nothing’s surfaced on the Internet in terms of pics but I’ll let you know threw links or by posting them here when they do.

Next up on the Supernatural wedding front is Jensen and Danielle. I actually think they make an adorable couple and wish them all the best and lots of cute kids. To Jared well I hope he made the right choice and is happy. (And stays happy that is the most important thing as no one likes to see a sad puppy. Thinking of sad puppys is making me sad. All puppies need to be happy! Wow do I have ADD tonight or what?) Clearly I’m more Team Sam then Team Dean.

Hot actors just shouldn’t get married til their show gets canceled frankly. And people need to understand that teenagers (and other peons) get overwhelmed easily and that by complaining about an employee then telling that employee that they were rude (when they weren’t) is rude if not ruder. (This is still true even if the person was rude.) Okay rant over just had to get that off my chest as much as possible or I’ll go insane i.e. get no sleep which is not an option right now.

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