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The soul wedding pic to make it on the internet…so far

February 28, 2010

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Don’t they look lovely? And they really lucked out on being able to have an outdoor wedding this time of year. (It’s still pretty cold where I am.) This is the only wedding pic that’s surfaced so far but it’s divine so it doesn’t really matter. (Well there is one other one but it’s of the program which isn’t as fun. If you want to see it anyway here’s the link to it and the original source for the photo above- It appears to have been a small ceremony with lots of family, friends and a few cast members (Jensen was a groomsman-though you can’t see him in this pic, the role of best man went to Jared’s brother.) rather than a big over the top Hollywood wedding which shows just how down to earth and awesome they are. (And worthy of our fangirl/boy obsessions.) 

So congratulations guys! Here’s to a happy loving marriage! We wish you two all the best. Jared and Jensen are certainly living the dream right now what with being married (Or soon to be married) and a show that’s been renewed for a 6th season (YES! Happy dance) and lots of devoted, loving fans. (That aren’t TOO crazy.) 

May this good luck continue for many a year! 

The wedding poll…what are your feelings?

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