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Fran Kranz-Actor w/benefits, a round up of what some of the Dollhouse cast is doing

March 3, 2010

Good news Dollhouse fans, Fran Kranz has landed a role on the NBC pilot Friends With Benefits. It’s being reported that his as yet unnamed character will be a ‘nerdier’ character (You have no idea how happy I was when I read this.) who like the rest of the characters is unlucky in love and settles for ‘friends with benefits’. It’s labeled as a half hour comedy and as of now has no air date. But as casting info is just being released I’m guessing June at the absolute earliest but I’m thinking September is a more likely bet.

While the premesis isn’t my usual cup of tea I’ll be tuning in as I love Fran and his work. And it’s a comedy not a drama which is what makes it interesting to me. He’s the first of the Dollhouse actors to land a new show, Tahmon filmed Riverworld inbetween seasons 1&2 and Dichen is only guest staring on that NCIS show.

Jed & Maurissa are working on Spartacus doing their magic and Jed is reported to be working on a cd that will feature ‘Drunes’ the song they sang at the end of ‘Belonging’. Eliza has gone on the record to say that she and Joss are working on a feature film that will kickass. Is it wrong of me to hope that it’s Goners? I would love for it to be Goners. What do you think? Should it be Goners or should it be something else? Odds are it won’t be a Dollhouse movie. Then Olivia Williams has some movies she filmed awhile back out or coming out soon, nothing I was overly interested in. And that’s all I’ve been hearing about the cast lately.

Here’s hoping things start picking up for the rest of the cast as they all deserve to be recognized for their awesomeness.

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