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Romantically Confirmed for April 5th

March 14, 2010

Image source @RomChallenged (Twitter)

April 5th at 9:30 on ABC = The premiere of Alyssa Milano’s new show Romantically Challenged! And irony of all irony that makes it Castle’s new lead-in. Alyssa Milano guest stared on Castle earlier this year and did smashing or so I hear. (Waiting for the season on dvd.)

So mark your calendars and heat up the popcorn because while sources tell me the pilot has your typical pilot problems (Who are these characters, should we root for a ‘ship, the actors aren’t sure of themselves yet) it gets better. (I.E. we know who we like, what’s going on, the actors know how to play their character.) And while they only have a 6 episode pick up so far they might get an extended season or renewed for a second.

Romantically Challenged stars Alyssa Milano as Rebecca, Kyle Bornheimer as Perry, Josh Lawson as Shawn and Kelly Sables as Lisa your new romantically challenged friends. For more info on the show check out and don’t forget to tell them how excited you are for the show! Being romantically challenged myself I’ve been totally psyched about the show from the start.

Let the count down begin!

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