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The Return of the Vampire Diaries-Book edition

March 16, 2010

Today is the return of The Vampire Diaries, the books that is. Today is the release of part two of The Return trilogy which is the second part of the series. The previous book Nightfall, was a real doozy of a book. I’ll try to give you a bit of a recap but be warned of spoilers.

Okay this is what I remember from Nightfall- *spoilers*
Elena went from normal human to higher being to human with powers (and wings!),
Japeness Kitzunes (evil werefoxes that change shape and have very powerful magic) were introduced and made for some dangerous foes causing trouble and brainwashing people while making Damon crazy,
It was decided that Matt is the most honarable and decent guy ever (in my opinion based on his actions, or possibly secretly gay.),
Damon has a bit of a crush/brotherly love thing going on for Bonnie,
Matt and Bonnie might have a thing going on,
Elena, Damon and Matt? Left on a road trip at the end of the book, (or was it Stefan? Or all 4 of them? And that’s what Shadow Souls is going to be about,
Alric was mentioned but was on sabatical somewhere or something,
Caroline is officially evil(ish) and preggers, (poor Caroline I’m glad they made you far more likeable in the show)
Meradith and Alric are kind of engaged to be engaged I think,
Damon was tricked into being evil but is on the verge of possibly being officially good (he’s kind of going the Spike route when it comes to the good/evil thing),
Stefan and Elena haven’t officially had sex yet but what they have done is pretty sensual in the vampire human way,
Stefan and Elena’s love is still never fading and eternal, Damon’s obsession with Elena is growing,
I could go into all the stuff the kitzunes did but I’m not sure the craziness they caused will effect this next book to much.
*major spoilers over*

I haven’t read any spoilers on Shadow Souls but I’m guessing Elena’s powers will be explored, the relationships between the other characters will be explored, hopefully Alric will be back, and that possible cure for vampirism will be looked into in more detail. The Return is certainly more about the power that exists in the supernatural world rather then the tragic love story between Stefan and Elena and the brothers’ background and petty rivalry. The books certainly continue to get better (and longer) as they go so I’ll post my thoughts when I get my hands on it.

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