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The Guild’s werewolf hunter-now with pics

March 17, 2010

Photo source username @syfymovies


I know I’m a little late posting these but I’ve had a busy week and am only just beginning to catch up on everything. (My tivo not included but I’m getting there.) But these pics are so cool I had to share them because seriously Felicia Day as a werewolf hunter in a modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood set to premiere on Syfy sometime next year?

Yeah I’m totally loving it.

So glad Felicia is starting to get recognized for her brilliance. Hopefully The Guild will be picked up for a fourth season soon. Actually it would be a really smart move because after the movie airs she’s gonna have a lot more fans out there and you know what those fans are going to watch? The Guild-Season 5 if it’s, and I pray to God that it will be, out or about to be aired. See I could totally run the business over in Hollywood. In fact I could make it run much smoother and more effectively. (And it would get me one step closer to running the world.)

Red and her werewolf-hunting brothers (left) and fiance Kavan Smith (right). Source username @syfymovies


And it looks like ‘Red’ (Yes that’s the very original title. Also the name of Felicia’s character.) is going to feature some man candy. Me like. There was a pic of Felicia in ‘sexy’ plastic protective headgear but I can’t find it in my Twitter favorites. Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to search for it yourself. I’ll keep you posted on any Red updates I hear!

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