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Meg Cabot News Round-up

March 18, 2010

So the new Meg Cabot e-mail newsletter came out today and I’m here summing it all up for you because I love Meg and her books and am UBER excited about this.

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls

I want Meg to read to ME every day. She posted this a few days before Allie Finkle #5 came out and I’m so excited to get my copy of it! I want to go get glitter thrown at me. (I LOVE glitter.) There are now 5 Allie Finkle books out and they all have fun new covers that are just AWESOME with number 6, Blast From the Past hitting the shelfs this fall.



Those 5 books we’ve come to love so much despite the Lifetime series that didn’t do it justice are now being collected into two supersized books titled Vanished 1 & 2. (Scroll all the way down to the bottum of this post to see the cover art for Volume 1. Not sure how it ended up there but that’s where it wants to stay.) The cover art is really pretty but I still want to complete my individual paperback collection.  They’ll hit the shelves in the USA this Fall.


The Mediator

No new movie news but a reminder that UK fans have the three omnibuses to look forward to this fall! Want to read something Mediator related right now? Here’s the link to the short story she wrote for it-



The third and final book in the Airhead trilogy hits US stores April 22nd! (Happy early birthday to me!) It’s called Runaway and is sure to be awesome!


Hits stores in the US this June followed by an untitled sequel in summer of 2011. Be prepared to fall in love with vampire romances all over again.


Avalon High

The press released has fixed the typo with Ellie’s name and is still set to air on Disney Channel this fall. No news on casting as of yet.

Heather Wells

Books 4 & 5 are still planned but Meg just needs to find the time to write them!


What was once thought to be the SERIES title for Insatiable is actually its own series hitting stores April 2011! Here’s what the e-mail said-

The abduction of Persephone gets a twist you’ll never forget when the first book in this dark new YA paranormal series from Meg Cabot hits stores in April 2011.

I am SO stoked for this one. It actually got pushed back because Meg wanted to write Insatiable.

Queen of Babble

Looks like it’s in development and set to release in 2011. (Can it be 2011 yet?) No official casting news but Meg’s website still says Kristen Bell is set to star.

And that’s all that’s new in the world of Meg. (Well she got a hut tub for her birthday but that doesn’t really count.)

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