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DVD Updates

April 3, 2010

Well it’s that time of year again, the season’s almost over and we’re all thinking-when can I buy the season on DVD? My collection needs completing you know.
Few release dates have been set but cover art is begining to hit the Internet so let’s do a quick round up of what’s the what when it comes to fall DVDs.

Supernatural- Season 5 cover art has been released, will be avalible on DVD and Blue-Ray, release date is reported as being September 9th. Gag reel likely.

The Vampire Diaries- No cover art, most likely to be released as both Blue-Ray and DVD, release date is rumared to be sometime in Augast. Commentary for pilot has been reported.

Castle- Cover art for season 2 is a step up from season 1 in some respects, confirmed DVD and Blue-Ray release but no real release date besides a vague fall time. Special feature reports are slim.

Dollhouse-Details to be released at SDCC. This comes from Fox-typical.

And that’s the what’s what on DVDs so far. Eventually I’ll post pics.

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