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Ben is Glory! Angel is Twilight! How did you react?

April 7, 2010


What did you think of the new Buffy comic?

(I didn’t read it because I’m still waiting to read the Retreat TPB thank you very much for asking but I do know one thing about this month’s new Buffy comic thank you very much.)

Now that all current and up to date fans (and some of us who just couldn’t help ourselfs) know that ANGEL IS TWILIGHT what are we all thinking? And the sex? I know there was sex. I wish I was caught up so I could learn how this giant sex fest could happen. And I guess we got some other fairly important answers but right now all I care about is the sex and what everyone’s reaction was.

Actually what I really want to know was this – was it as good as you were hoping it would be? And if you already knew about the ANGEL IS TWILIGHT aspect was it still a ‘Ben is Glory’ shocker of a comic?

All WTF moments should be renamed Ben is Glory moments. That never gets old. Nether does typeing ANGEL IS TWILIGHT in all caps.

So what was your respones to the latest Ben is Glory shocker? Did you throw things? Yell at the Powers That Be? Look up from your comic in total shock and mutter Ben is Glory because that will never in a million years get old. Write Joss an I love you will you marry me letter? Or was it a I’m going to kill you with my mind letter?

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