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If MTV’s smart enough to ask for it why aren’t you?

April 9, 2010

I should probably state early on in this post that I have a very low opinion when it comes to MTV. And now that the M no longer stands for music but no one knows what it stands for now coupled with their decision to air Buffy the Vampire Slayer out of order really isn’t helping to improve my opion of their low grade reality shows and lack of actual music videos. Then they did an Adapt This! Post on Sugarshock. And now I really don’t know what to make of it.

As you all may know I hold Joss Whedon in the highest reguard possible and would probably worship him if I was told I needed to pledge myself to a god. That being said Sugarshock was good but not my favorite work of his. Actually most of the time I forget it even exists. It’s like that kid your neighbor has that you forget they have because they didn’t grow up/become anything worth bringing up at the local grocery store where you run into each other every other month.

So for those of you just joining us, Sugershock is a one shot comic avalible free online at Dark Horse’s myspace page and as an actual physical one shot. Writen by Joss after Fray became such a hit and he actually had some time on his hands (which never happens now) and was illustrated by Fabio Moon. It tells the tale of The Saddest Song Ever, a rock band that fights an intergalactic battle, a princess in disguise, a robot and a lead singer who like, NO ONE understands like ever and an intense hatred of Vikings. (You had to be there.)

It’s a fairly entertaining story worth reading. Actually MTV thinks it’s so good it should be an animated movie.

Live action is totally out of the question of course. The lack of budget would make it embaressing and animated is just so much geekier. No one appreciates it like we do. The only difficult thing would be the scene where The Saddest Song Ever is used to save the day because music is subjective and if it’s not The Saddest Song Ever it will totally ruin the movie no matter how good the rest of it is. But if Joss is involved I’m sure he could make it work.

We will of course refuse to view this film until Nathan Fillion loans his voice to the project and some other awesome Whedon alumni join in. (Alan? Eliza? Oh she’d be good. If the whole thing could be done with just Whedon alumni I could die happy even if it sucked.)

And it will be released Dr. Horrible style on the Internet as a free for all token of Joss’ love for us all because we are all awesome and he loves us despite any and all hate mail he’s ever opened.

So my point is this. Why did we have to wait for MTV of all people to point out how awesome this idea is? Seriously. Who knew they were capable of such non bleeped out thought? (Seriously it’s like every other word on MTV is bleeped out it’s that stupid.)

I’m going to go dream about this awesomeness now.

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