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Life ends with a Big Bang and a little Gossip-What’s on Tv this week

April 12, 2010

The season’s coming to an end so here’s a quick look at what happening with your favorite shows. *Note I have not included How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Supernatural or Bones as I’m waiting for the current season on DVD.* 

Tonight on your TV (Monday)- 

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Life Unexpected airs its season finale on The CW. The 13th episode will feature a wedding that may or may not end with Kate marrying the wrong guy and Baze may or may not show up in time to express his true feelings for her. But does she love him? What will happen? Will the show end with a cliffhanger? Will LUX get a second season? 




The Big Bang Theory returns from mini hiatus on CBS with the ever evil Wil Wheaton in tow. Sheldon’s gonna want revenge and we want to watch! Who will win? Or will the winner be decided next season? We’ll figure it out in between the laughing. 

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Gossip Girl serves up another wedding for us on The CW this one for everyone’s favorite housekeeper Dorota. Lily and Rufus also have some issues to work out and we’ve got the fall out of Chuck and Blair to deal with. What ever are we to do? Root for the gays! Erick finally returned last week and with a love interest to boot! I missed him and the show’s gotten a million times better because of it. 

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Chuck’s takeing a short hiatus so he can have hot nerd sex with Sarah. But don’t worry Chuck will be back in 2 more weeks in order to air the finale 6 episodes of the season on NBC. The preview is promising Chuck’s dad, Anna Wu, Morgan trying to be a spy and loads more awesome. 

Remember Romantically Challenged has been pushed back a week and doesn’t premiere til next week! 


Nothing on the schedule for me except a catch up on all that I missed Monday and maybe some Charmed on DVD. 


See Tuesday. 


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Elena and Jeremy’s uncle (by their dad’s side) comes to town to stir up trouble. Stefan has a party attitude somewhere in this episode. A Matt versus Tyler fight is in the stars and Jeremy takes matters into his own hands while Kelly and Matt hit an all time low in their mother/son relationship. What’s not to love? We’re coming down to the wire on this season and it just keeps getting better. 

After Thursday I really don’t have any new shows to watch so I’ll be watching more Charmed and old Supernatural. So what do you think? Is this a good week for tv or a not so good week?

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