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Whedon’s Revenge

April 13, 2010

It’s not Serenity 2 or Goners if that’s what you’re thinking of but it’s been confirmed that Joss Whedon the man who I sometimes like to think of as my own personal God (God why must you be so cruel? Is it really necissary to kill of all my favorite characters?) with Nathan Fillion standing in as Jesus (Jesus can you wear tight pants again? Thanks.) [But what would that make Smidge?]

Okay back on track now. Joss Whedon has been confirmed to be directing and rewriting The Avengers movie. It will hit theaters May 4th, 2012 (before the world ends or possibly the cause of the world ending) so I have time to get excited about it-or Fox has time to find a way to cancel it. (Dont get me wrong I love Joss and am very proud of him but I’m more of a Spider-Man girl myself.) But it won’t hit theaters til after each of the individual members of The Avengers gets a movie of their own, or sequel in the case of Iron Man.
This is great for Joss but not that exciting if you’re not a big Marvel fan. One can only hope that this will help us get Goners freed, a Serenity sequel, a Sugarshock movie, blah, blah, blah cuse unless you worship Joss you don’t care.
I’ll post more if anything awesome happens.

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