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Coming soon to a theater so YOU can’t see it: Kick Ass Edition

April 16, 2010

Consider this a new weekly rant. Every week I’ll write about a movie (or two depending on the week) tell you a little about what it’s about, why I want to see it, blah-blah-blah, the fun part? Odds are I’m not going to be able to see this movie till it comes out on DVD so you get to laugh at all my moaning and groaning about god only knows what. (I have no time, my parents are so controling, blah, blah, blah.) See entertainment! Let’s start.


Story of a high school boy who’s normal and average in every way (except he’s a comic book fan which makes him awesome and super hot in my book no matter what. Okay within reason.) who just one day decides to become a superhero.

No real reason. He just wants to be a superhero. Don’t you want to be a superhero? I know you want to be a superhero.

There’s some hoopla about a 12 year old girl who says f*** and c*** but the real story is about a team of so called superheros who don’t know what they’re doing and can’t come up with decent names ( or costumes) for themselves. Nicholas Cage is the big name attached to the movie but I think his part is smaller. (I think he’s the naughty potty mouth kid’s daddy.)

Soundtrack features the first single from The Pretty Reckless who’s lead singer is none other than Gossip Girl’s own little naughty girl Taylor Momsen. I’m sure the rest of it will be kicking but do you seriously expect me to blog about all those other songs too? What do I look like iTunes? (That was me trying out the witty bitch humar, not sure I like sounding like a bitch.)

Why do I want to see this movie? Well I love superhero movies, it looks funny, geek friendly, why does anybody even want to see anything really? Sometimes we just want to you know, see something for no reason other than the fact that we have nothing better to do with that 20 dollar bill sitting in our wallet.

This movie is rated R so bring fake I.D. if your parents can’t take you. I refuse to take the blame if you get caught and grounded thou. And don’t bother sueing me, my cats are awesome public defenders. You know when they’re not sleeping. (Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote this bit but I’m gonna go with it.)

So this movie is kind of like Superhero movie only it promises to be better in a less crude/sexual/offensive way. Which you know could be a good thing.

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