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New Meg Cabot novel out today for USA fans

April 20, 2010

The final book in best selling author Meg Cabot’s Airhead trilogy is out today. Runaway picks up where Being Nikki left off and promises to answer all our questions regarding Stark, the state of Em and Christopher’s relationship and a super secret project.

The Airhead trilogy is about gaming geek Emerson who’s in love with her best friend Christopher. She was enjoying live til her little sister inadvertently gets her body killed. But Stark the evil corrpuration who’s grand opening of their new mega store played a role in Em’s death had her brain transplanted into supermodel supreme Nikki Howard’s body as her brain was damaged in the same incident that killed Em’s body. (or did it?) Now Em has to pretend to be Nikki the face of the very company that killed her and is harboring a deadly secret they’ll do anything to keep quiet. The life of a supermodel isn’t as easy as Em thought it would be expesially when the man she loves won’t even look at her and is determined to evenge her death any way possible.

So what is Stark’s deadly secret? Will Em and Christopher be together in the end? Will Em spend the rest of her life being Nikki? Or is there a way out?

Well I’m off to see if my library has added Runaway to their collection yet. Happy reading!

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