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What’s on TV this week: April 26th-May 2nd

April 26, 2010

Alright let’s get real here. Mid-season programing is almost over and that means all your favorite winter-to-spring shows are going to be wrapping up along with all your new mid-season shows so networks can make way for summer programing so you can roll your eyes and pop in a DVD for a show you want to catch up on or want to start watching. So what IS worth watching this week? I’ll tell you what I’ll be watching. Please note that The Big Bang Theory is unfortunately (yet fortunately as my Tivo would kill me if I asked it to record 3 shows at one time) a rerun.      


Chuck- 8/7 Central on NBC      

I was unable to find an adequate photo from this episode so this will have to do-      

Photo Source isn’t giving away much- Chuck and Sarah encounter enemy spies while on a train trip through Europe and must rely on the CIA’s newest team for help: Casey and Morgan. But I do know that the new found couple of Chuck and Sarah will be posing as newlyweds. Heaven is indeed a place on Earth. Welcome back from Hiatus Chuck!      

Romantically Challenged- 9:32/8:32 Central on ABC      

 Here we go folks episode 2! Can the ratings stay up and get us more of the LOL comedy from Alyssa Milano? Now that we’ve got the first episode out of the way and we know who the characters are and what their stats are this is where we decide if we really love this show or if we REALLY LOVE this show. Here’s what has to say about it –Although Rebecca said she wouldn’t meddle in sister Lisa’s love life, she can’t resist finding out why Lisa would break up with “nice guy” Neil. When Lisa finds out what Rebecca did, she finds a way to get back at her. Meanwhile, as Shawn is on his way to pick up Perry from his dental surgery, he gets distracted by a pretty girl, proving once again that the ladies come first in his life, so a fed-up Perry kicks Shawn out of the apartment and refuses to forgive his BFF.

Gossip Girl- 9/8 Central on The CW      

Here’s the official episode description for 3.19 ‘Dr. Strangeloved’ from When Lily’s ex-husband, Dr. William van der Woodsen, shows up unexpectedly in Manhattan, Serena finally gets the reunion she has so desperately wanted with her father, but the circumstances turn out to be far from ideal. When Serena and Nate continue to have relationship issues, a scheming Jenny is more than happy to be a shoulder for Nate to lean on. Meanwhile, Dan finds out that he didn’t get accepted into the Tisch writing program and Vanessa admits she may have been somewhat responsible. Thanks GOD! Now Serena can finally move on with her life and Jenny can be taken down a notch or two.      


Merlin 6/5 Central on SyFy      

Photo Source


I only started watching season 1 on Netflix instant on Friday with my sister but we love it so much we’re more than ready for season 2 to air here in the good old USA. has blessed us with a wonderful episode description. A treasure chamber is unearthed beneath Camelot,the centre-piece being the shining blue stone in the sarcophagus lid of Cornelius Sigan. Decades earlier Sigan was executed for sorcery and died vowing revenge.Greedy Cedric hears of the treasure and comes to Camelot. Learning that only Merlin and Arthur have keys to the vault he worms his way into the dim young prince’s confidence and steals the keys, looting the chamber and stealing the stone. He is consequently possessed by Sigan’s spirit, taking on his magic powers and animating gargoyles, which terrorize the city. In return for a promise that one day he will set him free, Merlin acquires extra powers from the Great Dragon and does battle with Cedric, saving Camelot once again. Given what has happened. however, Pendragon is more convinced than before that magic is only evil. Good God I do love British tv. And lucky for us SyFy is playing 4 episodes all in a row! Yummy!      

Life Unexpected 9/8 Central on The CW      

Photo Source


There’s Life Unexpected reruns for those of you who missed it the first time around or just want to relive the awesome and adorableness. Tonight’s episode is Formal Reformed which was episode 9.      


Happy Town 10/9 Central on ABC    


 I’m going to give it a try only because I love Amy Acker dearly. Here’s’s show description- Haplin, Minnesota “Happy Town” is approaching five years of peace after being riddled for years by unsolved kidnappings. But, in the wake of this small town’s first crime in five years, some dark truths are being revealed about some familiar faces. They say every town has its secrets… that doesn’t even begin to describe Happy Town. Could it be the Twin Peaks for our generation? Or a genre all it’s own?  


The Vampire Diaries 8/7 Central on The CW    


 Flashbacks are likely. In fact flashbacks are all but certain in this episode. Here’s what The CW wrote for Stefan struggles to come to terms with his past, both he and Damon reveal parts of their history to Elena, until she finally learns the truth about how they became vampires. Pearl has an ugly confrontation with Johnathan Gilbert. Damon and Alaric try to find a mysterious invention before Johnathan does. The friendship and flirtation between Jeremy and Anna continues to grow.      

Friday & Saturday & Sunday      

As of now, nothing. I’ll post if something juicy comes up like a movie. Otherwise I’ll be playing tv catch up and watching Supernatural & Charmed season 4 if I’m all caught up on this week’s tv.      

Enjoy the week people! Lord knows we’ll have plenty to talk about when it’s over.

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