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Avalon High gets an ‘Unexpected’ star in addition to a pretty ‘Castle’

May 3, 2010

So it’s no secret here on the blog that I am a BIG Meg Cabot fan. (I run a twitter account that is dedicated to testing fan’s trivia knowledge and keeping them up to date on all the latest news. For more info see- More info on Meg Cabot Trivia I’ve written several blog posts about her and think of her as my own personal Obi Wan when it comes to being a girl and is my biggest role model/idol/heroine ever. I owe her many things but I won’t go into that to much.
We’re here to talk Avalon High casting news!

First off Britt Robertson has been cast as Ellie the main heroine of this modern retelling of the King Arthur legend by having all the characters be Arthurian characters reincarnated. Britt earned a following by playing the daughter on CW’s Life Unexpected which is still awaiting renewal. (We’ll know if it’s safe or not May 20.) Meg has already ordered that there will be no hating on Britt for being blond when Ellie is written as brunette. (She brought up their past hate on Anne Hathaway who proved that she could bring Mia to life despite having the wrong hair color as proof that casting people do know what they’re doing part of the time.)

Four other names that are attached to the project (which is filming in New Zealand like majorly soonish if it hasn’t already) were also announced and the one I’m most excited about is that of Molly Quinn.

Molly Quin came on my radar by playing the easy to connect and relate to daughter on ABC’s Castle. She’s pretty, knows how to play off Nathan Fillion’s humor and has a great sarcasm about her at times. I’m guessing she’s been cast as Jennifer but nothing has been confirmed yet. I’m just guessing here.

That leaves our two main male characters with three possible actors. While I don’t know which of these actors is Will and which of them is Lance we do know that Gregg Sulkin and Joey Pollari are both attached to the project and they’re both Disney alumni. British Gregg Sulkin played Alex’s werewolf boyfriend with a tendancy to paint dogs in Betsy Ross outfits for two episodes of the hit show Wizards of Waverly Place. He’s likeable enough and could see him playing Will nicely.

Joey Pollari is the one of the few actors listed above who I haven’t seen act. He was in the Disney Channel Original Movie Skyerunners and that’s about it. Devon Graye’s name was also listed in the casting announcement and I’m thinking he might make a good Lance. (Actually I haven’t seen him act ether but I’m feeling a good vibe here.) He played the teenage Dexter on, you guessed it-Dexter so he could play Will’s brother but I’m gonna hold out for Lance.

That’s all we know right now about the movie but I’ll keep you posted with any new info. Until then why don’t you read Avalon High and it’s 3 manga follow-ups and see why fans are so excited about the project. Or you know, we can discuss all this in the comments as I love a good debate.

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  1. May 5, 2010 12:50 am

    This actually sounds really cool. Maybe I will try to read the book this summer. Is it a series, or just one book?

    • May 5, 2010 10:56 am

      Yes and no. It was originally one novel with a slightly open ended ending if that makes sense. Its a little hard to describe without giving away the ending. So to tie it all up she wrote a short little arch that was released as a manga trilogy which I’m not sure they’ll incorporate into the movie but you never know.


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