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IMDB Hints at More Avalon High Casting News

May 5, 2010

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I know, I know, Anyone can post anything on there why trust it? Um, got anything better for me? My sister’s in the middle of reading Avalon High right now and is riding my butt for movie updates like 5 times a day. Well she’s kind of sick right now so she’s been home for a week now and getting restless so that might be part of it but anyway I checked IMDB just to see if Britt Robertson had been added to the cast list. She hasn’t but what they do have for a cast list is rather interesting so I thought I’d share.  

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Gregg Sulkin is indeed Will Wagner, (Point me and point movie for British eye candy.) the love interest for heroine Ellie. He’s our King Arthur character. I’m not going to consider that a spoiler as it’s kind of obvious once you know the book is about King Arthur characters. I’m very pleased with this casting. Saddly I’m finding it impossible to find a decent picture of Will from the manga trilogy which is the sequel/continuation of the novel (collectively titled Avalon High Coronation.) to show you how well cast Gregg is (I was getting Felicia Day/Codex pictures which while awesome had nothing to do with my search what so ever.) but I can show you the cover of the third and final manga (Avalon High Coronation: Hunter’s Moon) where you can kind of see him as Ellie hands him his sword.  

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While this cover makes it look like Ellie is raven haired she is actually a brunette so even illustrators can’t always be perfect when it comes to staying true to the books.  

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I’d kind of been hoping Devon Graye had been cast as Lance (Lancelot which is like the biggest duh ever. So obvious it’s not even on the ‘might be a spoiler’ list.) Will’s best friend but I kind of knew he’d be cast as Marco, Will’s half-brother. (Seriously if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t go digging to deep into Arthur’s family tree. Just stick to the basics.) If he can play teenage Dexter than he can pull off Marco no problem. This I’m okay with. I’m not even going to search for a picture of Marco from the Manga, Devon doesn’t REALLY look like him in this picture but in a different one I can see a bigger similarity but I like this picture better. I think his acting ability, like Britt’s makes this casting news okay.  

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Okay this one is weird as Joey Pollari is listed as playing Miles and for the life of me I can’t remember who Miles is! My sister is being no help in the matter so all I can say on the matter is that since I wasn’t to excited about his name appearing on the casting list he might as well play a character I can’t remember. He looks really young compared to the other actors. (Just saying.)  

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Christopher Tavarez’s name wasn’t in the casting announcement the other day but IMDB is saying this is our Lance. Not sure about this one, I always thought Lance was blond but it could work. Despite the fact that this is one of my favorite books of all time I’m pretty okay with all the casting so far. My open-mindedness is almost scaring me.  

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Molly Quin wasn’t listed on ether but I bet you a thousand dollars in Monopoly money that she’s our Jennifer, Will’s Girlfriend and the über popular head cheerleader. (If you know anything about King Arthur yes this is Guinevere, do with this info as you wish but don’t spoil it for anyone who doesn’t know how that marriage went down.)  

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And then we have the lovely Britt Robertson as Ellie, the heroine with the Arthurian obsessed parents who never really cared about her parent’s work until it forced her to move while they took a sabbatical that would allow her dad to study this really old sword and her life starts mirroring Arthurian legends. Now the story doesn’t completely follow Arthurian legends but that’s what makes it exciting especially at the end.  

No news on who’s playing Mr. Morton the crazy history teacher, Ellie’s parents or Will’s dad and step-mom. But I’ll be keeping an ear open.

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