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Romantically Challenged takes a week off before its final episode

May 7, 2010

Romantically Challenged, ABC’s newest comedy, is taking a week off this upcoming week (Monday the 10th) due to a pre-arranged 2 hour long Dancing With The Stars episode. Don’t hate the tv gods this is what happens with comeption shows like this, American Idol is gonna do the same thing soon. But don’t worry, Romantically Challenged will be back next week (Monday the 17th) for it’s fourth and as of right now final episode.

I had a Twitter conversation with whoever was running the Romchallenged account at the time about this. While they filmed 6 episodes the network decided to only air 4 episodes as of right now. Ratings for the show are good, well pretty great but as Craig from SyFy said in a recent BoingBoing post, the most sucessfull ‘Save Our Show’ campaign is one that A. Is started before the show really needs saving and B. Doesn’t end up happening.

We’re not sure if Romantically Challenged needs saving or not but we should always be prepared for the worest so its easier to fight off. So that means, keep watching so the ratings stay good, keep spreading the word about why you love the show so new viewers can watch and keep ratings up, watch live, and tell ABC that you love it! Yes we have just one more episode to watch live for sure so let’s make it count so maybe we can see those other two episodes and possibly many more.

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