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*Breaking News!* Chuck to air an extra 13 episodes, Romantically ??? and other rumors that need adressing

May 14, 2010

*Okay this is your frequently updated blow by blow of any and all renewal and canceled news beginging with last night. After the official announcements are made I’ll do a real post but this is just to keep everyone up to date as things come out. Like Twitter only in blog format. New news is on the bottum marked with a * The stuff on top is dated but important to read as it teaches us to be careful of what we read on the Internet.

Twitter update!

I’m hearing from multiple sources that NBC has renewed Chuck for a 4th season-Go Team!!! We got ourselves another 13 episodes, let’s make sure NBC knows it just made the best decision it ever made. Or did they? This came from @Chuckmemondays the official fan campaign for Chuck and they wouldn’t post that unless it was true. was also reporting this miracle and I was ready to believe them till I read this from Alyssa Milano- Guys I just found out Romantically Challenged was canceled via Twitter, how awful is that? (Or something similar to that.)

Nobody panic!

Here’s the story, (yeah cue Brady Bunch theme and we can all be dorks together.) Alyssa saw a tweeted link to that said it got inside information from a secret source that Romantically Challanged was canceled. Thankfully she decided to do damage control after scaring us. A quick call to ABC told her that no decision had been made yet.

So yeah let’s not believe everything we hear okay? Romantically Challenged is still undecided and Chuck is well, I’m not sure. If was wrong about Romantically Challenged who’s to say they’re right about Chuck? And this is from a column I thought to be quite reliable, but who’s name I will leave out. Just for curiousity’s sake I read the article confirming Chuck’s renewal and it said a network rep declined to comment. Hmmm, fishy. (In a related article it said The CW was thinking of giving both One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected 12 episode pick up orders. Just thought I’d throw that info out there as it has been completly unconfirmed by anyone and no source was qouted-a key sign to look for in judging an article’s reliability.) Josh Shwartz, creator of Chuck, hasn’t said anything yet so let’s hold off on celebrating till we hear from him, Zachary Levi or Adam Baldwin. (Same course of action regarding any other show you watch, its not official til the people involved are celebrating as happily as you are.) Sound like a plan?

*Update* Zachary Levi posted on Twitter that he hopes they can do a season 4 worth of the fans. Vague but as it’s still being reported as renewed we may as well quitely party in glee. (We’ll break out the big celebrating after the official announcement on Sunday.)

*It’s OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!! Chuck has a 4th season!!!!!!!!! Josh Shwartz just confirmed-Party!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NBC also picked up Friends With Benefits and The Cape! Nerd triple score!!!!!!!!) No word on Romantically Challenged but correct anyone who qoutes the article as people are STILL reporting it canceled when it’s not.

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