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Founder’s Day recaplet, thoughts and what season 2 needs to answer

May 14, 2010

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-And in a moment of pure irony, I hit shuffle on my iPod right before I sat down to draft this & Buffy’s ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ came on first. That song (along with being awesome and one of my favorite moments of OMWF) totally describes the last few minutes of Founder’s Day perfectly.

Sadly I forgot to take notes for this post like I wanted to so I’m just going to recap what comes to mind as that’s probably the most important stuff. I have a pretty well-organized mind after all. (Lie.) From here on out there will be spoilers and FYI some Whedon references later on, you’ve been warned. (Now we’ve got Sarah Mclachlan’s Fallen remix, my iPod totally could have scored this episode.)

So it starts out with what I thought was a flashback but it was really everyone getting ready for Founder’s Day!!!!!! I had a moment of thinking Elena was Kathrine but it was in fact a clever use of foreshadowing. (We’re now about to sum up everything that happened last week while still moving forward because this show is amazing like that.) Matt & Tyler are still on the outs with each other, shocker, but Matt seems to have recovered from last week’s injury & trip to the ER quite nicely. Jeremy is still mad at Elena over the secret keeping/having Damon erase parts of his memory. (I’m not sure what he & Anna were talking about prior to this as my sound was funky for the first 5 minutes of the episode.) Bonnie confronts Damon during the parade on his reasons for giving her the device to quote unquote ‘despell’. She doesn’t believe he did it for the good of others and he says he ‘did it for Elena’. But we can totally tell he has some alterior motives behind it. (Meaning he loves he and wants her to want him.)

The parade was cool, blah, blah, blah….hot guys by the 3s on my tv in the form of Damon trying to make amends with Jeremy (for Elena no doubt) while Stefan tries to keep them under control. My heart was all a flutter during that bit but let’s skip ahead to the evil schemes that are about to take foot shall we? ‘Cuze that’s where all the action is. Uncle John is rallying the evil vamp troops (more tomb vamps, he has many of them at his disposal.) & Anna gets all the dirt on their evil plans so she can pass it along to a character of higher standing. Damon takes this information straight to Alric & we have a fun Team Blood and Beer moment (<–the official term for the Damon/Alric duo.) for when the fireworks start the E.V.T.’s are going to kill the descendents of the founding families.

But Uncle John, after knocking out & handcuffing the Sheriff to her desk (I love that the sheriff’s a girl btw.) turns on John Gilbert the original’s device thous making all the vamps and the Lockwood men fall to the ground in pain. John’s just playing for both sides know isn’t he? Jeremy and Elena have a lovely confrontation in the middle of all this featuring the ‘go to hell’ bit from the promo. (In fact it was one of my favorite parts of the promo.) The deputies round-up all the vamps except Stefan, who Alric saved-yea Alric!, and Mayor Lockwood. They are then locked up in a basement (a Lockwood locked up, oh the irony.) which is then set on fire but not until after John stakes Anna of course. They have to kill someone I like or it wouldn’t be a final after all. Damon comes to a little bit (the deputies pumped them with vervain upon capture.) and says (my fave line of the episode) in response to Mayor Lockwood’s ‘what are you doing her?’ “I’m a vampire, what’s your excuse?” Sadly another vamp broke his neck before he could say werewolf (Frak!) as all books fans will remember that the Lockwoods were werewolfs. (Plus you have to be totally blind to not pick up on all the clues they’re dropping.)

Now at this point we cut to Matt, Caroline & Tyler who had been told by Mayor Lockwood to leave before the fireworks started. They’ve been in a little car wreck as Tyler was driving when the device went off & ended up in as much pain as Stefan was. Matt was ok but Caroline collapses right after the E.M.T looks at the unconscious Tyler’s (werewolf) eyes. Damon has been saved by the combined efforts of Stefan & Bonnie and for the most part everyone seems ok at the moment. Caroline’s in surgery for internal bleeding, her mom tells Tyler to call his mom (who knows about vampires, saved the sheriff but might not know about werewolves), Bonnie tells Stefan that her new-found confidence and power will result in Damon’s destruction if he spills innocent blood. You know the usual episode stuff.

Then the sh*t hit the fan. (What you thought that was the end? Shame on you!)

Now if John Gilbert the original’s device, that desperately needs a real name, didn’t remind you of Topher’s portal wind wipe tech then Damon & Jeremy’s 2nd big talk about mind wiping and turning off your feelings will have you screaming ‘Dollhouse!’ (I miss that show.) The whole point of it being that no matter how many memories you wipe away, the pain is still there and it’s not going away. Clearly another thing done in order to get on Elena’s good side. Then Damon kisses Elena on her front porch (or does he?) while Jeremy takes a vial of blood that he got from Anna, but I missed the actual moment that happened: oh I bet it was when the were in the bathroom right before the device went off (My back was turned while grabbing cake) and does some serious pill popping. Our final shot of Jeremy is of him waiting to die. Aunt Jenna (Yea the whole cast is here!) gets Elena inside so she can listen to Uncle John talk about Isobel and such as in all the previous mayhem it was confirmed that he was Isobel’s baby-daddy, I mean Elena’s father. Then she hacks off his fingers with a knife and pins him to a wall. (!!!!!)
“Hello John.” Cue vamp eyes.
We should have known from the way she talked to Aunt Jenna. And kissed Damon. (I knew Elena would never cheat on Stefan like that.) Then the REAL Elena comes home and is about to walk in on Kathrine and…cue title card. It’s the end.

Most action packed 20 mins ever aired during the show, but it hasn’t sunk in that it’s the last one of the season. I loved it, freaked when Anna died and other characters where in trouble (or Kathrine showed up) and was puzzled by the airing of a True Blood promo. Like most teenagers with over protective mothers who love me I’m not allowed to watch True Blood, I can only read the books (because I did so before she knew what I was reading, hey I’m older than Lux why wouldn’t I. No, I’m never giving out my actual age.) but not the comics as my mom is trying to save me from a total social outcast type future or something. Well she can try. So what needs answering this September? (In no real order)

More details on Caroline, is she okay or will there be lasting damage?

Lockwoods-admit to the W word this is killing me!

Jeremy-dead, saved or vamp? Do we want him human or vamped? (I like Jeremy & would never want him real dead. Vampireism is like fake dead.)

Bonnie’s freaky ass powers, will she abuse them and go all Evil Willow on us? How powerful is she? Can we trust her?

Damon-Will he spill innocent blood? What counts as innocent? Does he know he kissed Katherine not Elena?

Stefan-Will he save Damon if he slips up or let him die?

Matt & Aunt Jenna- will you guys finally figure out what’s really going on? My bet’s on Aunt Jenna as she has Kathrine in her bloody kitchen-literally.

Katherine-How? Why? What trouble will you cause?

Uncle John- will he live past the first 5 minutes of 2.1? (That’s if you come back from the fatal stabbing) Do I even want you to? Can you ever be redeemed? Will Isobel come back?

I guess we’ll find out in September. (This took why longer to write & type up then it should have even on an itouch.)

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  1. June 20, 2010 6:22 am

    hey whats your myspace page.

    • June 24, 2010 1:58 pm

      Sadly the blog doesn’t have a myspace page but it does have a Facebook fan page with links to any/all new posts at this link-

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