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Gossip Girl and Romantically Challenged final on tonight, sadness but Chuck & TBBT will make us feel better

May 17, 2010

Romantically Challenged airs it’s fourth and final episode tonight. My heart goes out to all who were involved in creating, making and attempting to save the show alongside me. You did a beautiful job on a beautifully touching show that we could connect with on a certain level that made the whole thing so f*cking funny I can never think of Darth Vader the same way ever again. Or kindergarden teachers, they’re all secretly sexperts/addicts in really awesome shoes. It was realistic, down to earth and more than once I thought ‘that is so me in 15 years’ while learning important dating lessons that will hopefully be used later in life. (Hopefully soon.) So thank you so much Ricky, Alyssa, Kelly, Josh, Kyle, and everyone involved no matter how little or big your involvment was, you all deserve it big time. You made something incredably special and worthwhile that we’ll treasure forever. And also congratulations- you just became ABC’s Firefly. (Fox you should still be kicking yourselves for that one.)

Gossip Girl also airs a finale tonight, a season finale and rumor has it they’ll be filming parts of the first few episodes in Paris! This show is like comic books, once you start only the ones in therapy stop. Let’s see if they can make me want to watch next season.

Chuck is new and coming back next season for another 13 episodes *does Snoopy dance in glee* next week sees the big two hour season finale but tonight we have the return of Chuck’s dad to keep us company.

The Big Bang Theory, it’s like that How I Met Your Mother episode ‘How I Met Everyone Else’ but with really bad hair and Firefly jokes. And PDAs. And the signing of the roommate agreement form. And a working elavator. Shocking, everything’s actually getting explained.

And that’s my tv schedule for the evening.

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