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CW upfronts are out and here’s what I have to say about them

May 21, 2010

Thursday saw the official announcement of The CW’s fall schedule and things got shaken up just a little bit.

Gossip Girl will still be on Mondays 9/8 central but will have 90210 on prior to it instead of One Tree Hill. Tuesday sees One Tree Hill followed by Life Unexpected each with a 13 episode pick-up order. Wednesday will have America’s Next Top Model at 8/7 central followed by Ashley Tisdale’s new show Hellcats, the Tom Welling produced cheerleading show. (What Tom Welling knows about cheerleading is beyond me. It’s certainly different from his Smallville gig.) The Vampire Diaries will still be on Thursdays at 8/7 central but will be followed by the new sci-fi spy show Nikita. Fridays will be the night of the fan favorites with Smallville’s 10th and final season starting at 8/9 central followed by Supernatural in its new time slot.

Source: Life Unexpected's facebook page

Here’s how it affects me. Gossip Girl is in its usual slot but Mondays always see a lot of tv for me but thankfully its later in the night. Life Unexpected is in its original time slot again which makes me happy and clears up Monday just a little bit. Wednesday is still my tv free night, it’s Thursday I have a problem with. I was all set to watch The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural all on one night but I’m thinking I’ll give Nikita a shot. Fridays will be fine I hope. Supernatural will hopefully not be up against Merlin/Caprica on SyFy but I guess that’s what Hulu is for. Also loving the fact that it’s Nate represently the GG cast in the photo above.

What about you? Does this affect your tv viewing schedule?

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