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Blog Swap with Confessions of a Fashion Editor

May 25, 2010

Hello! Just a quick explanation on today’s post. It’s not me Ashley posting today, Amy of Confessions of a Fashion Editor is posting today as part of her blog swap experiment. Basically she writes a post for your blog and you write one for her and you see what hilarity ensues! I’ve decided to brave the fashion world and do a ‘What I Wore’ piece for her blog which you can see here –> For now thou here’s Amy’s post.

Letter to America

Dear USA,

I have a bone to pick with you. While you have undoubtedly produced some wonderfully fangirlable television in your time (‘Grey’s Anatomy’ rings and immediate bell; as does ‘Glee’), you pretty much suck when it comes to British TV.

You see, you kind of like stealing some of our ideas, don’t you? I heard, for example, that you recently considered remaking ‘Gavin And Stacey’, a British cult phenomenon, in an American way. This, I am telling you now, will not work.

‘Gavin And Stacey’, for those of you who don’t know, is a British sitcom, featuring a girl from Barry Island, Wales, and a guy from Billericay, Essex, who get married – and all of the cultural difficulties they face along the way. This, though, is something you cannot replicate in the US, and is probably something you can’t understand if you’re not British.

So, please, American TV corporations, don’t do this. Don’t kill a wonderful TV show by cruelly stealing and butchering it.

Another TV show you’ve recently butchered is ‘Life On Mars’. Now, I don’t get it. I really don’t get why you had to remake this. The British version was a beautiful thing. The American version is nowhere near as popular, and is (to be honest) a little bit weird

Example – the trailers:

The American one reminds me of movie trailers. It’s so American that it’s lost the essence of what made it a great show.

(Link –

Whereas the British one, which I can (bizarrely) only find subtitled in Spanish, seems right. It seems natural. It fits. It all works, and it works well.

(Link –

It works because nothing is explained to you. Even the trailer has you guessing. Which is what the whole show depends on. If the American version of the show explains stuff as much as the British version, and if it’s made in what seems to be the standard format of US TV shows, I just don’t see how it can work. It’s just not supposed to work that way.

Maybe, this is my inner-Brit getting the better of me… but, in my mind, America, there are some TV shows which should stay perfect, just the way they are.

You’ve already butchered ‘Life On Mars’. Please, God, don’t touch ‘Gavin And Stacey’.


– A –

(Ashley’s note: a Torchwood ‘remake’ was also recently considered but was dumped in the garabage before it could get past planning stages. Also under no circumstances can Merlin be ‘Americanized’. That’s like my British tv show, I don’t want it messed with.)

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