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Pretty Little Thoughts on Pretty Little Liars

June 9, 2010

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My oh my what a pilot indeed! I’ll admit there were times when I was a tad bored with it as I’d seen a far amount of the episode already via all the trailers, promos and sneak peeks ABC Family aired but I was defiantly into it. 

I’m glad I didn’t reread any of the books prior to watching the pilot. From memory the pilot crammed A HELL OF A LOT of stuff from the books into itself. There were some differences that I should mention. In the books Alison disappeared at the tail end of 7th grade not a year earlier, but the main plot-being haunted by Alison, takes place during junior year same as the show. The way she disappeared was the same down to the Spencer detail-This is important for later. One complaint I have on Spencer and her sister Melissa (Who was perfect except for this one detail), they’re blond in the books for a very important reason but because we didn’t know this detail until book 7 I’m willing to forgive them. 

Mike Montgomery was straight out of the gun perfect. Awesome casting and his acting was perfect. I’m excited for future Mike plots not just because he was cuter than I thought he’d be but because he has future fan favorite written all over him. Bravo casting directors! 

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Charmed princess, Holly Marie Combs was lovely as Aria’s mom causing her to make the top 3 in my list of actresses who I’d secretly like to have as a mom. (Alison Hannigan & Amy Acker are also in the top 3, I haven’t decided if I’d rather have Shirri Appleby as my mom or my best friend yet.) She and Lucy Hale made a lovely mother/daughter pair and as someone who’s watching all 8 seasons of charmed on TNT for the first time I was excited to see her on a current show. Sadly it looks like it’ll out live Alyssa Milano’s romantic comedy ‘Romantically Challenged’ but with just cause. 


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Lucy Hale also did a beautiful job of bringing the books to life. Aria was my favorite character in the books and now my favorite character in the show. I don’t remember her dad being quite as concerned about her keeping his secret as he was in the pilot, I think it the book it was more of a ‘don’t speak of it and everything will be okay secret.’ But she certainly did a fabulous job. 

It was hard to remember that Emily was the swimmer of the quartette as Spencer was the one running around in the bikini. And pardon me while I bring up Buffy for a moment but HOW FRAKING WEIRD was it to see Kendra (Mya played by Bianca Lawson) with a ‘fro and without an accent? I kept waiting for her to say her famed Kendra line-‘That was me favorite shirt! That was me only shirt!’ You have to watch Buffy in order to understand that.

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The other little liars were all done pretty well. I love how Hanna was hinting around about Kate and her mom during the dinner scene and her binge eating was also hinted at but not her bulimia. Lots of little nods to future plots borrowed from the books. Spencer’s future plots weren’t hinted at as much but Emily’s certainly were. Aria & Ezra’s fling was done very well and hopefully he’ll stick around longer than he did in the books as I’ve taken a real liking to him.
Alison I wasn’t 100% sold on. Granted she didn’t get enough screen time to really prove herself but I think over time she’ll get better. In the books Alison is mostly only present in the opening flashback so it’s a little weird for me to see her interacting with the Little Liars so much. The Jenna thing was wonderfully hinted at-as a book fan I know ALL about the Jenna thing-along with some future plots involving Mrs. Martin & Officer Wilden who wasn’t as buff as I imagined him but that might be because he hasn’t taken his shirt off yet.
So yes if you can’t tell I loved it and feel they paid due respect to a great book series. Next week promises to be just as good and I simply can’t wait. It was defiantly one of those shows you have to watch every week so you can talk about it with your friends the next day at the beach. (If you’re lucky enough to actually go to a beach.)
And fun little P.S.-I’m now like, totally addicted to the theme song. The fact that they actually had a theme song was enough to make me fall in love with it.
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  1. June 13, 2010 6:23 am

    Pretty Little Liars fans… check out Lucy Hale at Great Friends Greetings!

  2. May 18, 2013 12:32 pm

    Highly energetic article, I liked that bit. Will there
    be a part 2?.

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