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I Bow Down Before the Great Netflix Yet Again

June 24, 2010

Photo Source (The above image is also the property of Netflix & other right holders.)

          So Netflix is like the most amazing thing like ever. (No this is not product advertisement I’m just stating fact.) I especially love their streaming option which is totally free with any plan. With this streaming I can watch a great number of things on the Wii, a little box that hooks up to my tv, the computer. One would think it couldn’t get any better than that now could it?

         Well guess what? It does. Because when one of your saved items becomes available for streaming (May this saved item already be in your instant que or your dvd que) it automatically adds it to your streaming que. It did that with Merlin (best birthday present ever!) and guess what saved item I just found in my streaming que?


         Now I haven’t watched it yet but lord knows as soon as I find the time to sit down for an hour and a half I’ll be sure to watch it because I LOVE Emma Caulfield. In fact my sister and I were just watching ‘Restless’ the season 4 finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anya (Cauldield’s character) has always been one of my favorites.

          Emma not only looks good in everything but she does it with every hair color under the sun and still manages to employ great comedic delivery and presence. TiMER is a romantic sci-fi movie best viewed on the comfort of your own couch with your cat and a bag of popcorn with chocolate chips mixed in. (No I’m not weird didn’t you ever watch First Daughter? I can always find a way to blame Marc Blucas for everything.)

         Basically you can have a timer implanted in your wrist that will count down to the very second you meet your soul mate. The catch? It doesn’t count down until your soul mate has their timer implanted and if your soul mate’s dead it’s never gonna count down to your meeting. So Oona (Caulfield) is worried when her 30th birthday is approaching and her timer is still inactive after dragging dozens of men in to get timers implanted. So when a younger man with a matter of months left on his timer seems like a good option she goes for it. TiMER also stars Michelle Borth, John Patrick Amedori, Desmond Harrington and JoBeth Williams.

        Considering my love of sappy romances and sci-fi in general I’m really excited to sit down and watch this movie. It is rated R but for reasons I can’t find right off the bat in my search, so here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure Posted by koxina02

               I’ve been waiting over a year to see this movie so I’m unbelievably happy now and even more in love with Netflix than I was earlier today. Happy viewing my fellow soul mate searchers.

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