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Cover Art Debate-Emmy versues ”official”

June 27, 2010

So cover art for our favorite shows are more our less all up and posted online and now it’s time to have a little debating fun. Is the official art work better or worse than the show’s Emmy add. (Why does there need to be a special Emmy add anyway?) Because I’m thinking you know as fans who make the show possible we should get a cool DVD cover but what if the Emmy add is cooler? Should that be the cover art for the DVD?

Because the Emmys are a big deal and all there’s an extra special add that I guess could get them some special awards or just you know, make us wish we could have one of our very own. I’m not sure what happens to the Emmy add after the Emmys but the whole point here is to see which is better; the Emmy add or the official cover art for The Vampire Diaries DVD which was also an early add for the show. So to start off this debate I give you the beautiful Emmy add for The Vampire Diaries Season 1 that comes to you via (Who deserve an extra special thank you for clearing up an early mix up with this post.)

Photo Source-

I for one find it lovely and beautiful and think it should totally be the cover for Season 2. I also think it fits the theme of the show very well and is a good representation of the general tone of the show. So just for comparison’s sake let’s remind ourselves what the ACTUAL season 1 dvd cover looks like for US & UK buyers.

Photo Source-

Well folks? Which is better? The official cover art or the Emmy add? (Emmy)

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