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Let’s Celebrate Felicia Day’s Birthday; With A List of Awesome Dream Guest Star Roles!

June 28, 2010

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If you haven’t figured it out by now I love making up lists, adding way to many videos and not enough photos. So to celebrate the lovely and beautiful Felicia Day’s birthday I thought it would be fun to take my list of current shows (shows on the air) and after seeing if they’re worthy of having Felicia guest star on them, what the perfect role for her would be on that show.

Supernatural-Be Real Fun To See Her Guest Star

Red and her werewolf-hunting brothers (left) and fiance Kavan Smith (right). Source username @syfymovies

While Felicia kinda looks like Anna’s Clone (In a good they’re both pretty way) I’d like to see Felicia do 1 of 3 roles; or all 3 if the PTB allows it.

1. The ‘Female Hunter/Tough Girl-Power Chick’ thing like we might get a taste of in her upcoming SyFy movie ‘Red’ or what we saw in her Dollhouse guest stint. She’d butt heads with the boys and be the one saving their asses in the end.

2. The Super Fan because Felicia Day is just the famous version of us. I think it would be really funny to watch her stalk Sam & Dean as they tried to save the world while she kept getting in the way trying to ‘help’.

3. The Innocent Yet Misunderstood Witch. She’d be the primary suspect at first but with her knowledge and crush on the boys they’d make a good team while also exploring the gray area that is good witches.

Life Unexpected-It Would Be One Of Those Fun And Fluffy Things

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LUX is a show that is surprisingly happy and uplifting even when it’s dealing with serious issues. It’s a sweet, feel good show and Felicia is the very embodiment of that. She’d be the pretty guest star of the week. Somewhat important to the week’s plot but not all that important in the grand scheme of things. Baze’s date, a friend of Cate’s or one of Lux’s teachers/mentors would all be good roles for her. She’d spout words of wisdom, make us geeks happy and maybe if the fates like us she’ll be back again next season.

Caprica-If Done Right; Geek Orgasm

We already have James Marsters representing the Whedon fandom so Felicia’s addition would have to be special. No ‘oh Felicia’s available and she’s got lots of fans, let’s give her the role’. It would have to be created with Felicia in mind and have meaning and purpose to the plot as a whole. When I think Felicia & Caprica I think A. Cylon and B. Government. Daniel could create an avatar from scratch, not a recreation of a person but an actual being all on its own and put it in a body to see what could happen. Felicia Cylon & Zoe could raise deep issues and get into all kinds of trouble afterwards. Or she could be the government agent who’s looking into Daniel’s activities and exposes Zoe Cylon thus causing all kinds of mayhem as Caprica and the surrounding colonies try to deal with this scary break-threw in technology.

Gossip Girl-Don’t Ever Make It Happen

I’m not going to lie here guys. Felicia has many talents and has won several awards for them but saving Gossip Girl isn’t going to be one of them. She could play a socialite, a college student, a love interest, GG’s assistant and no matter what it just won’t be as good as it could have been and we’ll be asking ourselves why we’re still watching this show.

How I Met Your Mother-REUNION!

Felicia worked with Neil on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Alyson on Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s final season so it would be a rather epic geek reunion for sure. The comedy would be top-notch, references would run wild in the streets, and remind the world that yes, HIMYM is still on top of the world where they have every right to be. So it would be as Barney says “Legen, wait for it…DARY!”

Castle-Another Fun Reunion

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I’m thinking something kinda like the Alyssa Milano episode. She’d be an old Castle fling that he still has feelings for when *GASP* the latest murder somehow involves her and now Castle must save her from danger while trying to juggle his feelings for Beckett. Nathan Fillion would drop some reference joke (Or wear one) that would make us all laugh and at the end of the night we’d turn off our tvs feeling happy.

Pretty Little Liars-Point?

And she’d play who? Some little bit part? A mom? A mom’s friend? Not high on my priority list. Rather see her in something else. Like the last item on this list.

Merlin-Can She Do A British Accent?

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Has anyone ever heard Felicia use a British accent? If yes then she could put all those hours spent playing WOW to good use and play a magical character of old and have a reunion with Anthony Head. I could dig this. I’m thinking witch or wood nymph. Or a princess. Then she’d be another love interest for Arthur which could be cool.

Chuck-Hot Nerd Herd Chick FTW!!!-

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6 words people. Felicia Day joins the Nerd Herd. It would be awesome. I’m feeling it big time. And then we’d find out she’s secretly a spy but she’d be on Chuck’s side and Morgan would totally be in love with her. Lot’s of nerd love and awesomeness. I demand this to happen.

The Vampire Diaries-Meh

Amber Benson & Mercedes McNab have already done the whole ‘guest star on a CW show while playing vampires’ thing so yeah, something else please. I don’t doubt Felicia’s ability to play a vampire, I just think she deserves something original. Again I’m back to the wicca thing but I’m not sure what else she could play that doesn’t involve being a student. Love interest for Alaric? A vampire hunter? Werewolf? Succubus? Not against it but I’m just not sure where she’d fit in. Maybe Jeremy will be rushed to the hospital in time so he doesn’t die and she could play the nurse that takes a liking to him and helps him find the will to live. Yeah that was kinda half assed. Must think about this.

And finally…
The Big Bang Theory-FRAK YES!!!!!
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If only one of these shows were allowed to have Felicia guest star I’d want it to be TBBT. Picture this, it’s the 100th episode. Felicia & Simon have had their reunion and the stage is set for awesomness. Felicia’s playing herself a la Summer Glau and she is stalked while the guys try to get guest spots on The Guild and Joss Whedon’s phone number. Or like Danica McKellar she’s another geek on the block ready to have fun with the guys. Ether way it’ll be awesome and nerdy and will go down as the greatest episode of TBBT ever made.

And did I mention it was an hour long musical? (Not including the commercials which would all be nerd themed.) And the next day we’d be able to buy the soundtrack on iTunes a la Glee? This must happen. In fact if Felicia joined the cast permanently I’d be rather over joyed.
So that’s what I think when it comes to Felicia Day guest starring on my shows. What are your thoughts? And don’t forget to wish Felicia a happy birthday.

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