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Why ‘Twilight’ works better as an ensemble piece

July 6, 2010

*Warning-Mild Eclipse spoilers*

So I know this is a little late but I saw Eclipse on opening day (at 9:30 in the evening) with a few girlfriends and I most say I quite enjoyed myself. Now let me tell you why.

Appart from the fact that my girlfriends are excellent movie companions (we know better than to clap at the end of a movie or scream when Taylor Lautner’s abs first make an appearence.) I’m going to say I enjoyed this movie for 3 reasons:

1. The storyline is one of the better ones.

2. The effects have finally hit it spot on.

And 3. It was finally no longer all about Bella.

Now to elaborate.

Eclipse doesn’t focus on a love struck human and her vampire boyfriend, or the pain of being dumped and never being able to move on. It isn’t overly sappy and romantic or moody and depressing. It’s about Bella and Edward figuring out the meaning of a real relationship, which is learning to give and take with each other inorder to make you both happy. It’s the story where Bella finally gets a fraking backbone (Something I know a lot of you have issues with, myself included.) and it’s about setting aside the vampire/werewolf differences long enough to protect the unsuspecting town of Forks from the evil Victoria and her army of newborns. It’s about graduating and not being ready for life to move on and figuring out that yes it is possible to have more than one soulmate. (At first read I was very upset over this as I was determined to have Bella end up with Edward but have sence grow to realize that Jacob could potentially have been Bella’s perfect other half if Bella had decided she loved him more.)

In short it had one of the better plotlines/messages to it. And the fact that a movie involving werewolfs and vampires is relatable is saying something when it doesn’t involve Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The ‘sparkling’ in the first movie is almost painful to watch. To over the top and unbelievable. It got better in New Moon but Eclipse saw a very subtle sparkling which is how it should be. Enough that you know it’s there but no more than that. Vampires that sparkle are laughable enough as it it, no need to add fuel to the fire.

The wolves had been done fairly well in New Moon but their actions scenes in Eclipse were far better. Granted there was like, no blood anywhere during the fight scene at the end which really disapointed me, it was still violent and exciting all around and was defidently the best they’d ever done.

Now for the real reason I liked this movie. As I said earlier this movie is not all about Bella. Eclipse sees the reveal of Rosalie’s and Jasper’s past which was actually SHOWN unlike Carlise’s which was glimpsed at in New Moon. (Poor Alice never even got her past explained in Twilight.) Bella’s human friends were still saddly underused but they were there for parts of the movie. Jacob and his pack/tribute weren’t all in your face about their presence. They came, did their flashback, then disappeared till needed again. (Not really but it wasn’t all about them this time.) And then there was the newborns.

The movie opened on Riley (Who was my eye candy of choice during the movie) getting turned. It was also littered with other such bits from ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’ as my Twihard friend gladdly informed me. And it was an excellent choice indeed. It was great to watch and it all fit in well with what was happening in Bella’s world.

In short the movie worked because it wasn’t all about one very flawed and argued about character. It worked because it didn’t stay in one little bubble (Forks) with just one or two characters at a time movie the story forward. It worked because for once no character was thrown to the side no matter how beloved they were in the books. They really tried to give all the supporting characters I.e. not Bella, Edward or Jacob, (Except Esme who practicly didn’t speak till the end, thou she did get to run around the forest for one bit prior to the fight scene.) their moment to shine ether with a flashback (Rosalie, Jasper, past tribe members), a moment or two of dialog and interaction with Bella (Alice, Emmet, Charlie, Rene, Bree, Seth, Leia and assorted pack members), or an epic fight scene/speech (Charlise, Jessica, Victoria, Riley, assorted Vulturi, Werewolf, and Newborns).

So yes you can feel free to laugh at me for likeing this movie but all in all I really think that it wasn’t nearly as bad as people are saying it is.

4 stars is my rating.

And seriously WHO claps at the end of a movie?

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