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A deeper look at Buffy’s Motion Comic (Voice Rant)

July 26, 2010

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This rant is all about voice casting. Because the 2nd episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8 The Motion Comic went up on iTunes today and the magic has kind of worn off. Don’t get me wrong, I love ’em and will buy them all but now I can just be critical about it when I wasn’t before. So here’s a rant on voice casting. (I’m not using actor names as no one’s familiar with them yet.)

Buffy: Well she’s not perfect but she has the right attitude which makes up for not being perfect in my opinion. I know some people really hate it and I think it might be due to the girlyness in her voice but it’s something I can live with. Nice delivery on key lines.

Xander: Great. Perfect attitude, awesome delivery, good timing, Xander’s just one of those roles where once you get it, you have it for life. Love it.

Willow: Not sold. Worse than Buffy. She’s an all powerful goddess now, can you not sound so meek and afraid? And you’ve only had two lines so far! Get tough girl friend and aim for a deeper tone. (Same goes to Buffy.)

Giles: Tone is off, doesn’t have Giles’ speak patterns down 100% but he seems to have an idea of what they are. (Points for that.) Nice delivery otherwise, would like to hear more before making up my mind.

Dawn: Attitude down pat. Everything is aproached from the little sister perspective instead of the, ‘how to recreate Dawn’ perspective which works as that’s where Dawn’s character came from.

Amy: Well evilness/crazyness is good. Attitude played off well in ep 2, not sure I like her pitch but so far I’m not totally against it. Could have gone worse.

Andrew: Hate tone/pitch, attitude/mannerisms were great though. He was a convincing nerd but just didn’t sound like Andrew.

Ethan: Liked it. Different but in a good way. Would like to hear more of it before passing to much judgement.

The rest were all characters created for the comic so they can sound how ever they want without having to worry about fan backlash. My conclusion is that the voice casting is okay. Good made up for the bad but nothing to write home about.

Next week we have the brief introduction of Warren, otherwise all the characters have already been heard. The one I’m worried about is Faith. You need just the right tone and mannerisms to pull of Faith without seeming like a total bitch. And she’s one of my favorite characters so you know I’ll be critical. Then there’s the usage of Fray later on. Fray is a comic book character who’s about to be voiced by an unknown actor, we have no idea how she should talk what so ever. Tough but not to tough, not shrill girlyness when it comes to pitch but no deep man voice ether. I’m going to try not to worry about it till we get closer to the Time of Your Life arch.

So what do you think of the voice casting so far? Any future characters you’re worried about?


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