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And Happy Meg Cabot day!

July 31, 2010

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We all forgot today was Meg Cabot Day, even Meg Cabot. At least until a dedicated reader reminded her and Meg thankfully reminded all of us via Twitter. (Ah Twitter, what ever would I do without you?)

So who is Meg Cabot and who had the power to dedicate today to her? Well Meg is my personel hero, idol, role model, spirit guide, mentor and the whole reason I became a geek which is sadly a story for another day. (Hint: the photo is a big part of it.*) She’s the best selling author of the following series- The Princess Diaries (Which was made into a Disney movie of the same name that later had a sequel that had nothing to do with the books), 1-800- Where-R-U (Which was the basis for the Lifetime show Missing), The Mediator (Which is in the process of being turned into a movie), Avalon High (Which will be a Disney Channel Original Movie by the end of the year), Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls, Heather Wells, Airhead, All-American Girl, Queen of Babble (IMDB still says Kristen Bell will play the lead in the movie adaption that been in the works for years), and her latest- Insatiable. (Among others)

Her stand alone novels have also been opinioned for movies/tv shows but so far nothing has come to fruitation. (Sorry Teen Idol fans.) Meg also did several advice vlogs with fellow writer Michelle Jaffe called Read Our Lips which is a must watch if you love advice columns or talking about boys and/or lipgloss. Her work was also the inspiration behind The Switchblade Kitten’s 2nd full length album ‘Rebel Princess’ which came about because she told them to get off their lazy bums and do another cd. (Thanks Meg.) Meg also spends to much time watching tv, buying shoes, and taking care of her frequently injured husband who she refuses to call by name on her blog.

She hails from Bloomington, Indiana and it was there that Meg Cabot Day originated. If you can remember the first Meg Cabot book you ever read (The Princess Diares), the first time you ever bought a Meg Cabot novel (The Princess Diares IV Princess in Waiting while on vacation at the Wisconsin Dells) or how you became a Meg Cabot fan in the first place (My mom rented me the Princess Diaries movie) then join me in celebrating this awesome day.

*Okay okay, Meg is a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and her positive references to it were what made me watch it in the first place and it all went down hill from there so to speak. (She also got me on a huge Star Wars kick that I manged to get proper control of when I turned 12ish, I became a Buffy fan at age 16 while completly rereading her entire collection of work.) Yes the photo is of Meg describing the events of the final Princess Diaries book with Buffy action figures. That’s why she’s my hero. And she makes no comment on the reboot movie that’s in the works.

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  1. August 26, 2010 4:50 am

    A+ would read again

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