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Emma Caulfield hints about her LUX stint

August 1, 2010


Life Unexpected is by far the cutest, realistic, relatable and heart warming show on The CW in years (In my highly opinionated opinion). LUX was renewed for a 2nd season a couple months back for 13 episodes with hope for a back 9. The ratings gave it the ‘Bubble Show’ title, meaning it’s got a smaller but dedicated fan base supporting it. So what did this little show that could do to inadvertently get a large number of people to watch it? 


They got Emma Caulfield to become a recurring guest star of course! 

Emma Caulfield was a recurring guest star on Beverly Hills, 90210 as Brandon Walsh’s girlfriend and became a series regular on Buffy the Vampire Slayer after being a recurring guest star for 2 years. Her latest movie TiMER can be viewed on Netflix instant (See my post on TiMER here- and Why Am I Doing This? was recently released on DVD. So to say that Emma has a bit of a geeky cult following is a bit of an understatment. First episode Emma does, which I think might be the first episode of the season, the numbers will sky-rocket and then we’ll all sit on Twitter and our blogs discussing it. 

Here’s what we know so far about Emma’s character. Her name is Emma and she’s being introduced as a possible love interest for Baze even thou Cate and Baze aren’t really over yet despite Cate’s marriage to Ryan. (!) The other day was spent filming work out scenes at a gym and her character will work with Baze at his dad’s office. No official set photos have been released as of yet but as we get closer to the season 2 premiere date (Sept 21st!) I’m sure we’ll have photos and videos galore. 

What are your thoughts on Emma joining the cast of Life Unexpected?

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