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Drones News Round-Up

August 2, 2010


Drones. There’s a lot of buzz going on about this indie film from Amber Benson and Adam Busch lately. Most of it thanks to a recent SyFy ‘scandel’.

If you can call it a scandal. Basically fans of Drones are under the impression that SyFy’s upcoming show ‘Human Relations’ stole their entire premise/plot from Drones. Now not many people have seen Drones as it’s only been played at film festivals and doesn’t come out in theaters/DVD until 2011 according to Amber’s recent blog post. (Where she says quite a lot about this dilemma.) Now the TRAILER on the other hand is a different story. It premiered on 6ish months ago which is just enough time for them to get the ball rolling on a show based on it.

Amber has been very professional about the whole thing which goes to show what a trooper she is. She has stated that yes people often come up with similar ideas if they think in the same way when it comes to creativity. But she has also stated that when you factor in the near identical press releases, plot points, it’s just plain weird and all to coincidental for anyone’s liking. SyFy has remained silent on the topic but you know someone will be bugging Craig about it on Twitter before the week is over.

While I remain dedicated and loyal to Amber and her work I’m also intrigued by ‘Human Relations’. Hey I work in a place where finding out some of my co workers are aliens would explain a lot. Like while they act weird and some of them never eat. So I won’t knock the chance to have more alien themed tv on (RIP Roswell) but I’m going to try to remain open minded until I’ve seen both and can see for my self if SyFy did or did not steal Amber & Adam’s idea. SyFy and I have a new but happy relationship with each other and I’d hate to see that ruined.


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