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Chuck it Live: Show Your Support For Season 4

September 20, 2010

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Yes it’s my new favorite time of the year folks; fall tv time! Technically some of my shows have already started for the season but this is THE BIG WEEK. The week where EVERYTHING is new, returning and awesome. Now I used to post my entire tv schedule for the week here but instead I’m going to call your attention to a really brilliant show that’s returning tonight: Chuck!

Chuck is the story of your average nerd. He works at the Buy-More (Spoof on Best Buy) for $11 an hour as a ‘Nerd Herder’ fixing computers and not really doing anything with his life besides playing video games until one day his archenemy Bryce Larkin (Who used to be his friend until he stole his girl in college.) sends him an email. An Email containing a top secret government project that downloads itself into his brain thus making him a super spy! (After he gets an upgrade at the end of season 2, before that he was just a spy who didn’t know Kung Fu.) Chuck then, became an agent, fell in love with his female partner Sarah, saved the world, kept his new spy life a secret, gave his sister the best wedding ever, saved the world, got the girl of his dreams (Sarah), found out his dad was a spy: the spy who invented the Intersect no less (The top secret program Chuck downloaded into his head), killed a man who it later turns out wasn’t really dead but than managed to prevent him from taking over the US government, admitted to his best friend and brother-in-law that he was a spy, watched his father get shot, helped his other partner find his daughter, saved the world, listened to two of his coworkers try to make it in the music industry, tolerated a variety of difficult bosses, saved the world, promised his sister he’d give up the spy life, found out a great number of people in his past were/are mixed up in the spy life, and then blew up the Buy-More but not really in that order. It’s been an action packed 3 seasons.

Luckily you don’t need to know much more than that if you want to start watching season 4 tonight (at 8/7 central on NBC). All you really need to know is that Chuck has left the spy business per the request of his sister Ellie, he has the girl of his dreams (Sarah), and oh yeah he’s trying to find his mom who’s been missing for the greater part of his life and is going to be played by the famous and truly awesome Linda Hamilton (The Terminator franchise’s original Sarah Connor.)

Yes Chuck is indeed a must see tonight. If you don’t John Cassey-played by Firefly’s Adam Baldwin, will come after you, and as we saw in Chuck verses The Ring (Season 2 finale) John Cassey has a lot of very large guns and people to use them at his disposal. Feel free to post your hopes & dreams for Chuck this season or your thoughts on tonights episode after you watch it. And don’t forget to hashtag all your tweets with #Chuckitlive which is this week’s trending term.

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