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Harry Freaking Potter Joins Glee!

September 29, 2010

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What were you expecting Daniel Radcliff? What rock are you living under? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen A Very Potter Musical on YouTube? Seriously? And you call yourself a Potterhead. (All videos posted from here on out: unless otherwise stated are the property of Team Star Kid and posted from their account StarKidPotter.)

You’re welcome world.

For those of you that don’t know Darren Criss is the guy playing Harry in the above video, he’s a vital part of the Team Star Kid crew (He wrote all the songs in A Very Potter Sequel) and his previous tv work includes the short lived show Eastwick. (And not that much else but that’s ok as we like him better on YouTube.) He also has an EP out on iTunes that you can listen to here in addition to finding out more about him -> or buy it over at He’s also featured on several Team Star Kid albums that are available on iTunes or for free over on their site

So yeah this guy’s going to be on Glee and I’m really freaking excited. So far all we know is that he’ll be playing a gay student from a rival school and he may or may not be Kurt’s first boyfriend on the show. This is very exciting news and I plan on catching up on Glee right quick. (Well after I finish Supernatural & Castle.) I’ll keep you updated but there’s not much information out there just yet. So here’s the first part to A Very Potter Sequel to tide you over in case you missed it when it came online a few months back.

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