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Avalon High, Heather Wells, Abandoned, What more could Meg Cabot have going on?

October 15, 2010

We all know Meg Cabot is a busy woman. How else could she manage to watch a 10 hour ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ marathon, visit schools, and write 1-2 short stories & 3-4 novels a year? But just how busy is she? The answer is very. Let’s take a look at some upcoming Meg Cabot awesomeness.

  • November 12th- Avalon High premieres on Disney Channel. I know Meg technically didn’t have much to do with this but still. But she does have to watch the movie so she can consul all of us fans in case the movie tanks. (Not that it will. I have very high hopes for this movie unlike my sister the pessimist.) You can watch the trailer below.

Video posted by disneychannel

The trailer fails to mention that Molly Quin from Castle is also in this movie. And may I take this opportunity to point out that the guy playing Mr. Morton; who’s casting I was disappointed with initially, kinda reminds me of Giles from Buffy. (You know I had to throw in a Buffy reference.) Disappointment gone!

If you want more info on Avalon High I’ve done several blog posts on it which you can see by clicking on these links —> and

  • Than Harper Collins said ‘Hey let’s rerelease The Mediator books in sets of two and give them pretty covers!’ So Meg had to go and approve those covers. The first one looks like this

Too pretty right? Those will be out soon. (I’ll give you a release date when I have one. For now enjoy the cover which is brought to you via

  • Insatiable’s sequel Craving will be out July 2011 just 13 months after Insatiable originally came out so we should be seeing that in paperback around that time as well. No cover art or ploy synopsis has been released yet.


  • Heather Wells fans rejoice! Or maybe not. The 4th novel will not be coming out this year as was previously stated. Instead it will be coming out in 2011 probably in summer while the 5th’s release date is still unknown. This comes from Meg’s publisher and was announced on the Heather Wells fan page on Facebook along with an apology from Meg’s publisher. At least now we know. I personally was beginning to think the last two books would never see the light of day. However we now know for sure that we’ll being seeing more Cooper/Heather craziness soon.


  • Also coming out in 2011, in April I do belive is Meg’s new paranormal young adult novel Abandon. It’s a modern-day retelling of the abduction of Persephone and is set in Florida. Meg has filmed the book trailers and we should be seeing those soon.

     And amidst all this craziness we still have no word on a Queen of Babble movie or a Mediator movie. (Not that those are the only works of Meg’s in the process of being converted into movies/series. Jinx & How To Be Popular have both been opinionated at one point or another.) And you know Meg is probably in the middle of yet another book, or 3. No wonder her husband decided she needed a vacation! But we love her anyway.

And that’s all that’s new in the world of Meg Cabot.

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