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Lux Fans Keep Doing What You’re Doing

October 16, 2010

Good news Lux fans! The CW has ordered an additional two scripts for Life Unexpected which means things are looking up for the little show that could. This good news comes on the heels of more good news which is that the show hit a ratings high of 1.7 million viewers on Tuesday with it’s One Tree Hill crossover episode. (Which I really enjoyed despite having never seen One Tree Hill.) While it’s not much ratings have steadily been getting better and with an additional script order that means the network is optimistic about the show and might not be so quick to cancel it if fans continue to raise awareness of the show and continue to show just how much they care.

So don’t stop now Lux’ers! Nows the time to double the effort and pull out the secret weapon, whatever that may be. Remember Life Unexpected airs Tuesdays on The CW after One Tree Hill. My previous posts on it can be found by clicking the Life Unexpected link in the Tag Cloud on the right or typing it into the search box also on the right. Don’t let one of the cutest, heartwarming, charming and underrated shows on the air go down without a fight.

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